Monday, November 26, 2007

Creationism, the News, and Why I Hate Wicked.

Rant, as usual. Ignore three and two if you will, but read number one.

THREE: I am so fucking sick of people telling me how good Wicked is. Shut the hell up. Wicked blows. It promotes negative female stereotypes and if you disagree with me you can go masterbate in the corner.

How is it a good story when two "best friends" betray each other for the love of a man who's kind of a douche? All this does is prove that women are jealous and treasonous and self-serving and will turn their back on you without a second thought, no matter how exemplary their actions or independent minded they may seem. In the end, all of that strength turns into BitchCrazy when they don't get the man of their dreams.

There is a reason people think that girls are backstabby and evil: Wicked is that reason. Every single positive and powerful female role in that book has been twisted around in the play to a woman who makes drastic mistakes and deep betrayals due to an inadequate romantic life. Read the book and avoid the musical.

It's all so clear now: you can only be successful in life if you're properly loved by a significant other, otherwise you're wicked, heroines be damned.

Hopefully, I can fall in love one day and fuck over one of my best friends so I can steal her boyfriend, or maybe I can force some guy into submission and keep him under lock and key to be my little man-slave. If only. And I can proudly and enthusiastically sing about my selfish decision-making skills.

I understand that there are other stories that deal with friends betraying friends for romance, and it's not always about women, and this is not the first one, but this is one of the few ones that glorifies that behavior instead of punishes it.

I've been saying this for years, but I feel the need to reiterate: I hate local news. I hate celebrity gossip. Lately it seems like I've been arguing with people about this more and, I've had this conversation about fourteen times with fourteen different people (almost all of whom I love and respect) in the past two weeks.

I understand that to some people these things are important, but I don't care. I really fucking hate it. I do not think you are a bad person for placing value on these things, I just think it's stupid and not my business. My opinion really shouldn't matter when it comes to your personal preferences for entertainment, and if you ask me, the news is just that--pure entertainment. Does it offer an educational value? Definitely. But so do Kevin Smith movies. But mainly, you watch it because it's something that amuses, absorbs, or diverts your attention from your personal life. Education is entertainment, and entertainment is education. Which explains why certain forms of education are not for everyone, since everyone is captured by different forms of entertainment, and every form of entertainment educates in different ways.

Doubtful I'll change my mind on this, too. Bring school into it: You choose your education depth and level based upon what you find the most entertaining about your day, inside or outside of school. If math is interesting, you'll spend more time on math homework than history homework. If certain gym classes are entertaining for you, you'll participate in those after school sports or intramurals. If you hated reading Dandelion Wine, there's no chance you're going out of your way to read more Ray Bradbury outside of school. You decide how to further your education.

ONE: I'm about 95% sure that in January I'll be taking a weekend field trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Can't wait to educate myself on scientific proof of those Jesus Horses.

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