Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm about as good at washing dishes as Buddah was at nonattachment.

the facts:

Fact 1: I have always wanted to build a clock. And I have all the supplies, gears, cogs, whatnot, even a pendulum. Unfortunately, they are all made out of paper, and I don't have time. Because it takes time to make time.

Fact 2: Once, I ran over someone's digital camera with my car. On purpose. I aimed and everything.

Fact 3: I can't stop listening to Warren Zevon lately.

Fact 4: Tonight, I shall join the throngs of prats waiting in line to purchase HP7, although I will not be in costume. MoLinder might be.

Fact 5: I've developed a phone crush on one of the principals of a school we work with here at BSF. Swear to god, he has the sexiest voice ever, because he's not trying to be hot, I mean he's a principal of a Catholic high school, but he always sounds so casual and guyish, and he snickers. He recognizes the songs on my radio over the phone. "You listenin to 'Never Been To Spain?' That song's awesome." And then I swoon slightly once he starts singing along. It's not that he has an extraordinary voice, it's just always enjoyable. Like, he has the vocal equivalent of cheese fries.

Fact 6: I am awesome at washing dishes. I'm about as good at washing dishes as Bruce Willis is at playing John McLane, or as good as MCA is at having a sexy voice, or as good as Buddah was at nonattachment.

Fact 7: I am not, however, good at nonattachment.

Fact 8: I haven't remembered a dream in like a month, which sucks, because I usually remember about four a week. I think it's because of this new job. Waking up early always hinders my ability to remember a dream.

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