Sunday, May 27, 2007

My purse is covered in grease.

Things I did last night that were probably not very smart:

1. Made friends with Jeremy the homeless guy that hangs out in front of House of Blues. Talked to him for about twenty minutes and gave him an unopened pack of cigarettes and five dollars and told him to "keep on truckin.'"

2. Started walking home from Continental by myself in the rain. Called Phil so I had someone to talk to on the ride home and hung up on him when I saw Burger King. Tried to argue with the woman at the drive through about my lack of automobile. "Do I look like I should be driving right now?"

3. Saw a sign next door that said, "Homemade chili." I was so there. Tendercrispbaconcheddarranch my ass, chili dominates. Bought a bowl of chili and a giant slice of pepperoni pizza and put both in my purse so they would stay dry from the rain. Tried to stop an argument about miscounted change between the tired, gray cashier and a couple of thuggish looking guys. I was all, "Dude, just calm down, man. Have some chili."


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