Saturday, February 17, 2007


Just took the tumbling, spinning ball of smelly fur out for a romp in the snow. Good half hour of wandering around the neighborhood. Exact opposite of rubbish.



Fucking Dog.

Best. Life. Ever.

Seriously, it's amazing outside right now. Didn't even wear a coat. Will probably get very very sick. Is okay.

I miss The Dog more than anything. Is that even natural? It's like he's my missing arm or leg or whatever appendage we speculate is appropriate without conjuring creepy and bestial hypotheses.

Unfortunately, not good snowball snow. It's too light, it doesn't pack. Learned that the hard way. Throwing snowballs at The Dog is fantastic, since he tries to catch them and they fall apart every single time, and he shoves his nose in the snow looking for them and gets very frustrated. Hilare. I'm the only one laughing, but it’s enough.

Is there anything more euphoric than the happiness of a dog? I seriously doubt it. They're happy because there is snow and there is you. Wish everyone could be like that. Since I moved out, I get several hours with him a week, and there's no judging or grudging when I finally come around. He's just happy. Dog makes me happy.

Every day should be snow day.

I just miss having him around, is all. Will now stop typing blog, because I'm ignoring The Dog. I think we'll go outside again. I have to wake up early and go to the DMV and then to work, but he deserves it.

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