Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Sick = bad.

So Sunday night I get off work at nine and I'm in bed by 10:15: very very weird for me. I had to open at Gino's on Monday, and I slept all night, but not very well. Kept on waking up to cough.

Then the horrid day of horridness and badness began. Woke up. Baffed. Went to work at 10:30. Baffed again. Walked up to my table, started explaining the lunch special, went into a coughing fit...and baffed again. Co-worker Callie was amazing and brought me some medicine so I could breathe, so that was awesome. I slept in booth #23 for awhile and found someone to cover my shift, so my manager sent me home at 1:30.

Passed out immediately. Woke up at like eight o'clock. Took my temp: 102.6. Had some Mrs. Grass (chicken noodle--not the kind with little nasty bits of chicken and veggies in it, just noodles and broth. Best sick soup ever.) Passed out again by 9:30. Woke up about ten minutes ago, and I'm feeling better. Coherent, at least. Temp has gone down to 99.8. This is good. I mean, my normal body temperature is 97.5, so it's still high...but better.

Now it's time for the sick movies. Babes in Toyland, then Star Wars, Jedi, and Empire.

When I was little (I'm talking like six years old) I always wanted to watch them in that order because New Hope and Jedi were my favorites, so I watched those first, and then i would start watching Empire and begin nodding off right around the time you hear, "Echo Base, this is Rogue 2: I've found them. Repeat: I've found them." Then I'd wake up to watch Yoda lift the ship out of the swamp, pass out again, watch Lando et al. escape in the Millenium Falcon and stay awake for the rest of the movie, wondering where the hell Han Solo went. I think I didn't realize what had happened to him until I was like eleven, because I always fell asleep at the exact same time. It never occurred to me that we watch his release in Jedi, so he must have been captured in Empire. Movie cliffhangers were beyond me.

I also thought that Indiana Jones and Han Solo were the same person, and that Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and St. Elmo's Fire were a trilogy like Star Wars, except about high school and then after high school (I know St. Elmo's Fire is about after college, but work with me here).

Anyway, after Babes in toyland and the three Star Wars movies, if I have anything left in me I'm gonna watch White Christmas, my final sick movie.

That's all, folks.

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