Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Slipper Day

Today is awesome.

My life currently consists of a Wednesday/Thursday weekend, which is fantastic in some ways and horrible in others, but the point is, today is my Saturday and I slept until 3 o'clock.

My Shit To Read pile is dwindling. I was able to go through, no joke, four National Geographics within the last hour and twenty minutes. I am currently on environmental and political overload, so I'm eating ramen* and drinking horrendous amounts of hot chocolate to dumb myself down.

So anyway, today is awesome because I woke up and I was cold. Naturally, I put on my dearfoams. Which is like slipping your feet into beer. Or puppies**.

Without them the ground is callous and unyielding.

I don't know how I survive in the summer.

* You'd think that when going to the Asian Supermarket I would buy something other than thirty packets of Thai ramen. But you'd be dead wrong.

**That means it feels like things that are good. Like beer. Or puppies.

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