Monday, November 19, 2007

Some people refer to it as "the express lane." I call it "Tron."

Newest guilty pleasure: driving full-speed in the express lane on 88 between Winfield Road and Highland Avenue. Six-mile stretch of road with narrow cement walls and a trail of constant reflectors flying past you at all times. Way better at night, especially around curves.

I go about seventy and pretend I'm on a lightcycle trying to outrun the brainwashed tank forces of Master Control Program. It is AWESOME. It's fucking Tron*.

Unfortunately, on our way home from Galesburg last night, I was behind another car, it was raining, and very windy. So I had to go about fifty. Lame. So not as Tron as usual, but still. I am obsessed.

was of course, huge success complete with multiple ruined lives. Novotny made a suprise visit, Good hung out and went into his personal drunken Acrobatic Silent Mode. Got some excellent dental care. Washed Sandy's dog (who dominates, by the way). Saw some ringed fingers and found out the dates for the next two weddings on the list. Did karaoke at a gorgeously seedy hotel lounge. Dominated "In Your Wildest Dreams" and sucked at Guitar Hero III. Learned two new magic card tricks which I will now whip out at parties that have gone stale. Played light as a feather, stiff as a board. Lost a bet for a bottle of Beringer. Went to an antique store that had seventy-year old Studebakers on the second floor. Ate some damn good homemade chili. Activated a new member of the circus, complete with candles, a spoken pledge, and a lavelier made out of a beer bottle tab. Rediscovered the wonder of Nutty Bars and Digiorno chicken supreme pizza. Jager.

An excellent weekend.

* Yes, I understand that Tron is a character and not the light-bike race itself, or even where the lightbike race is held, but why would I say something like, "Some people refer to it as the 'Express Lane.' I call it 'The LightCycle Race Program Arena Where The Colored Vehicular Tracks Of Tron, Flynn, And Ram Create Walls of Light And It's Like Going Through A Narrow Tunnel And Making Turns Really Really Fast In The Disney Backlit Animated Feature Film, TRON.'" Just easier saying Tron, is all.

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