Thursday, March 2, 2006

Ten Step Solution


Want to go out tomorrow night, but do not want to stay out late because of money, tiredness, lack of singing voice, and drippy nose overload.


  1. Purchase time bomb.
  2. Place bomb in the parent's basement.
  3. Set timer for 0300 hours, March 3, 2006.
  4. Remove all credit cards and/or monetary plastic from wallet.
  5. Make sure total amount of cash on hand does not exceed $25 (beer, parking.)
  6. Go to Live Band Karaoke
  7. Support Live Banders, perhaps sing a little.
  8. Leave Mother's at 0200, March 3, 2006.
  9. Arrive back at the parent's at 0245, March 3, 2006.
  10. Defuse bomb.

In case anyone is confused, a night at LBK usually ends at around 0600.

I was going to make this a lab report, complete with hypothesis, experiment, observation, conclusion, chemical formulas dealing with bombs and alcohol consumption and all that, but I forgot a lot of the lab mumbo jumbo and decided against it. Perhaps I will try at a later date.


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