Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tomorrow night? It's kind of a big deal.

Tomorrow night's a big deal.

You have no idea.

Have you or your friends ever talked about making an extraordinary gesture to commemorate an extraordinary friend?

We are going through with it.

As you may know, my friend Lewis, fellow live band enthusiast and Italian Smash Man, passed away this summer. This night, the Lewis A. Affetto Rock n' Roll Charity Night, is for him.

The reason it's called the "Lewis A. Affetto Rock n' Roll Charity Night" is threefold:

1. It is in honor of Lewis A. Affetto.

2. There will be some insanely talented Rock n' Rollers playing insanely entertaining Rock n' Roll.

3. Donations are being taken for the Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education (CAPE), a program which couples veteran artists, musicians, and performers in the city of Chicago with public school teachers using arts-integrated instruction in the classroom.

Lewis himself was an artist and musician (a damn classy karaoke singer, fo sho), so this program is one that I'm sure he would support.

But if you'd like to attend, and I hope you will, it's tomorrow night at The Note. Doors open at nine.

It is going to rule.

To learn more about CAPE, go here:


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