Saturday, February 18, 2006


Sicky sick. Just coughed. Work in seven hours. Boooohisssss.

Snotfaced and rednosed is no way to wait tables. Am yucky yuck all over. (What kind of cheese would you like in your omelette? We have cheddar, american, jalapeno, swiss, havarti, mozzarella, feta, and mucus.)

More bad news: cold outside. I technically have no problem with the tempurature itself, I'm a freak for the cold, but I have to wake up five minutes earlier now so I can dash outside and start my car so it doesn't breaky break. So to be at work by 8:07 for my eight o'clock shift, I must wake up at 7:40 instead of 7:45, which is just preposterous.

I also refuse to do laundry. Flat out. Too much sitting and waiting. Will read. (positive note: I've read four new books since the beginning of 2006. I decided there will be a New Years Resolution after all. Ready?)

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Read four books.

It is impossible for me to fuck up this goal.

By the way, have you noticed? I've used three nonsensical phrases thus far:
1. sicky sick
2. yucky yuck
3. breaky break

Meaning of ridic lexicon: Clearly I have mental issues related to severe dehydration and high viscouity--word? yes/no? Let us look.

No entry found for viscouity

Did you mean viscosity?



Eggads, bastards. I choose viscosity. Or perhaps biscuit. Either way, must apply Vaporub. Love Vicks. I would marry Mr. Vicks should he ever propose, and my life will be full of clear, mentholated senses and a heinous amount of lubricant.

Just realized: application of Vicks would require morning shower. Cannot smell Vicksy to breakfast eaters. The wake up time will have to be earlier. Small price to pay, however, for nasal purity.


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