Thursday, September 6, 2007

Weakness, Heroes, and Hi-C Lavaburst.

So I caved and bought Season One. I am so fucking weak.

Had every intention of buying it last week, but I looked in my wallet and realized that funds I had set aside for Heroes has been spent on weddings and wedding-related enterprises and all other manners of asinine frivolity where I spend too much money on someone who is not me.

So I decided that the best way for me to save money was to completely stop doing laundry, because that costs me like five bucks every two or three weeks, so by December I could be a proud owner of Heroes Season One, but a very smelly admin.

Then I drove past Best Buy yesterday, and gazed out the window of my car. Longingly.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting on my Lay-Z-Boy grasping my remote, sweating profusely, disc one in the DVD player.

I blacked out, I swear. I don't even remember buying the damn thing. I could have stolen it, or blindly handed out cash to the guy at the register (was there even a register?) until he told me I gave him enough. What if I gave him a hundo and told him to keep the change? I can't find a receipt anywhere; I have neither record nor recollection of the entire event.

But chances are the slightly evil, really really physically strong version of myself that I see in the mirror sometimes took over and busted up the Best Buy, murdered the workers, and then buried the bodies under the Kennedy/Armitage viaduct.

Peter Petrelli would never have succumbed to this. I am lame.

PS: I got Xtine hooked on it within and hour. It's like crack cocaine, or Hi-C Lavaburst. You just can't get enough of Heroes.


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