Tuesday, May 13, 2008


1. There was a bottle of champagne and two flutes (of the twinkly musical variety) chilling on the cement ledge of a median amidst the traffic in the Loop this morning.

I am way jealous that someone other than myself was the genius behind that.

2. By the way, I never realized how financially retarded I was until just now. I know, literally, absolutely nothing about business or how things are run, I just kind of accept that they are a certain way and move along unquestioning. People are constantly asking me how BSF receives operational funding, and it just never even occurred to me to care.

The next question is inevitably, "Don't you think you should know how you get paid?"

I get a check, that's how I get paid. My salary could be funded by parallel-universe Biff Tannen and I wouldn't give a shit.

But if Biff went after my friends or family, I would probably get my ass shot by the same gun that killed George McFly. When I get ripped on, it's a fierce lot to get me to fight back, but once insults are stretched over anyone I love...it's like watching a bear trying to stab someone with a penknife instead of using its claws. I'm the whale of bravery, but I'm deficient in luck and intelligence, and can rarely utilize my assets under pressure.

I don't know where that came from, I thought I was talking about something completely different. Distracted.

I care so much about certain things, but not anything worthwhile. Good dialogue, harmless pranks, watching movies, teach the kids (however you can), dog walking, disregard the rules, all opinions are relevant/irrelevant, the importance of balance (without one there can't be the other--I think that's probably the most applicable concept I've ever studied). I guess what's important to me--what I focus on--is developing.

But where my paycheck is from...I mean, that directly relates to my development, so why did I never question it? Because it comes from people I trust, people I know personally and professionally, great, shiny people who do great, shiny things, who have accomplished so much more in their lives and the lives of others that I can't even begin to comprehend how inherently good they are. They're the champions of humanity. So I don't care if they work for the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance: I agree with their actions.

Is this naive? Could be. Would I have the same feelings if this wasn't non-profit? Probably not.

I guess.


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