Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drunk blog, morning after.

I am so over listing all the lyrical references in "We Didn't Start the Fire." It's a shame, because that might have been entertaining. For me. Totally bored with it now, but perhaps I'll bring it back if I ever get into a writing slump, so I'm just going to stay tuned, mentally, for Red China and Johnnie Ray.

Hung over. Wrote a drunk blog last night at about four a.m. and read it this morning. So here it is, in all its horrible, sloppy, embarrassing glory:

Fucking air conditioner: check. Is in whindow but slighltly holy, not religious, there are physical holes. Holey rusted metal, Batman...

Baja chicken chalupa whatwhat. Yeah buddy is wonderful. Went to the Field Museum today and got mold-a-ramas for$1.50 a pop: brontasauri and triceratopi, waxy goodness. bargain. Apparently nobody at bars appreciate epic love battles between dinosaurs. "Oh, your three horns are so pointy and slender." "the better to smite you with, you long necked tart"

Gyna said that I would never meet a guy if I just went to bars and played with dinosaurs. Ha. Mayhaps I wanna meet someone who will play dinosaurs wiht me? Funny thing about that, bouncer guy George totally loved them. Had a good conversation with him actually, fun guy, although his chin looked like a hairy vagina. Figures. Just exciting when someone gets me, you know?

Then it turned into "Rossi, you need to learn how to flirt." This is very true, flirting is not my forte.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Ross. I act like a child when I want attention, right? Yes. Not like, whiney crybaby but dinosaur playing. Not as if I just go to bars and play with wax dinosaurs everyday, this is just a one time deal. Theyre shelvednow.

Did not want to flirt with bouncer, however, I wanted to have talking, and talking was had. Whatever, she got mold-a-ramas too, it was all her idear. Love the museum.

Did the orchestra in Millenium Park thing, which is fun because you get to sit on blankets outside and drink wine and eat ruffles with ridges and French Onion dip.

Best part about all: Spent very little money, oddly, getting drunk and museum going, because cash is short now.

Oh, and Dark Knight was bad ass. Promised people I would give nothing away, so I won't. But what's really bullshit was the lack of cool trailers before the movie. Some other theaters played the Watchmen trailer, which would have been AMAXING, it's like in my top five favorite books (graphic novls totally count) but of courswe didnt get tha one. Trailer, by the way, is incredibel. Did you watch it? Did you see the sweetness of rising glass castle on Mars? So excited.

Once I need to realize that its time to grow up. Am I stuck in childhood mode? Do I shirk responsibility and the possbilty of love? I feel like really burnt french fries and sour oranges. but I'm responsible, I really am. Self-supported an near broke, but hey, I can move air consitioning units without anyone elses help. But its hard, being so fickle picky. Finger pickley. akjdf;kalsjd;fk Pickled fingers/?

Reading it again, I

How the hell did I manage to link that trailer?



Anonymous said...

Big props on the link; I can barely manage that one dead ass sober.

You sound like a fun drunk. And it's OK to talk to the bouncer; that's how I met husband #1 (ok, he's still my husband, I just like to keep him on his toes).

Rassles said...

Thanks. Links are hard. I know I tried about twelve times to copy and paste.

But it was very important to me. I came home from the bars, stole the air conditioner out of my roommate's bedroom and put it in our like "family room" area, Youtubed the Watchmen trailer and ate Taco Bell, giggling.

Tell your husband he should be thankful that some dashing internet man hasn't swept you away, because I'm sure they've tried. He's a lucky man, that Mr. Ginny.

Rob S said...

Eh, screw growing up. Responsibility is for suckers. If you knew how much money I spend on toys, you would puke. Actually, if I know how much I spend on toys I would puke. Good thing I don't keep track of that kind of stuff. That would be... responsible.

Rassles said...

You prolly spend more playing D&D than anything else, Rob.

Mister Crowley said...

"I am home, take me dwunk" ?

Love Bites said...

I think that post was actually fairly coherent, and enjoyable. I would play dinosaurs with you, but unfortunately, I don't have a penis. I wonder if Alexander Hamilton would play dinosaurs with me. Probably not, I'm guessing. He's way more grown-up than I am.