Thursday, July 3, 2008


'Member how I wrote this post several days ago about how everything is connecting?

So, basically the past two weeks have been ridiculous.

I'm attributing all of it to the fact that Phil moved back from Vermont.
That = shenanigans.

Birthdays, weddings, road trips, fights, ruined lives, the ushe.

Numerous conversations about the superiority of Jack Links to other forms of jerky, about Phil and his cougar sugarmama, about Savvy and the fact that she's destined to become a cougar, about how my boobs get loose, belt buckles kick ass, about how we kick people's asses, constant Buffy marathon (that's what you do in the summer when you don't feel like heat: Buffy marathon) where Buffy kicks asses, so basically nonstop ass-kickage, dive bars, Juicy Juice, cheaters, warm beer that you leave tapped in your backyard for two weeks that makes you look like a cougar, Those Guys, just thumbs, Arbor Mist, can't turn, dudes who blow my mind with their face and that video from the Six-Million Dollar Man where he fights Bigfoot keeps popping up in conversation...

And today I find this.

What what.



Love Bites said...

Listen, ass-kicking cougars are EVERYWHERE. You can't swing a bottle of PBR in a bar these days without hitting one and starting a full-on ruckus.

It's not serendipity sweetie. ;)

Love Bites said...

p.s. I know Reedick. I was married to him for 12 years. It really was reed-like, too. Very slender and delicate. Truly sad.

Rassles said...

No wonder you started biting.