Friday, August 15, 2008

Labels Under Scrutiny

As an aside, this seems very egotistical of me. Do you really even care about my labels? Am I undermining your intelligence, like, "Duh, of course that's what they mean, you hoe bag, do you think I'm retarded?" Because I don't intend to do that, I just want it written out and officialized for some reason or another. I don't know. Simplify, maybe? But I'm trying, and I can't help feeling I'm doing shit wrong, which is usually the case. Although there is no right and wrong in blogging, is there? There is just the web and the presentation of self.

The general rule of thumb that I have with labels is this: the label is both literal and interpretive, but my analysis might be way different from yours. So there you go.

So, in case anyone was confused as to what my labels refer, play here.

About Me - This is about me.

a List - Well, I figured I should point out exactly how often I make them.

Alexander Hamilton - In which I reference Alexander Hamilton, someone pertaining to historical economic policy, or a just really hot guy. Because ten dollar bills are a turn on, not economics.

Barry Gibb - This is just if I name drop Barry Gibb, since I have a tendency to do so. Or if I'm referencing someone who is slightly crazy.

baseball - It's not that I'm obsessed with baseball, it's just that I live in Chicago, and it's unavoidable.

Batman - am obsessed with Batman.

beer and puppies - things that are good

bitchcrazy - Not just a crazy bitch. That bitch crazy.

brouhaha - When something is kind of a big deal.

Bruce Willis - Oh my hotness.

burros - just like burros.

cheese - I also like cheese.

chili - I like chili as well.

connectional hurricane - when unrelated events connect

crack cocaine - I do not like crack cocaine. However, in my head, anything that I'm addicted to is crack cocaine. Like gambling, or cool ranch Doritos. Or Heroes.

debauchery - drunken ridiculousness

dinosaurs - sometimes there are dinosaurs. This is unavoidable.

Donnie Osmond - When someone is just the best at something, they're fucking Donnie Osmond. How could anyone play Joseph after Donnie epitomized it? That's right. They couldn't.

dreameries - I have fucked up dreams. They can be long blog posts or short blurbs hidden inside other posts, but I mention them nonetheless.

drunk now - I am drunk. Right. Now.

ego - when I write a blog about how I think I'm cool.

elsewhere - Posting on other blogs.

Flippy Cup - this pertains to Flippy Cup, and perhaps other forms of gaming.

freeloading ghostwriter - someone else wrote this.

good-and-evil-shoulders - when I'm stuck or conflicted

heebiejeebies - freaks me out, man.

Huey Lewis
- the News, bitch. Or just a reference to Huey.

I'm like the crazy cat lady but with commas instead of kittens - sometimes I use too many commas

Inferiority - me feeling sorry for myself and being all around emo.

Jack Links - jerky, or people who are jerks. It's both.

jalapeno burgers - I fucking love jalapeno burgers.

Jesus Horses - crazy Creationist issues, or dinosaurs.

- things that are all around pointless and probably something that readers won't care about, but I do.

MacGuyver - sometimes I make things.

Machine Gun Etiquette - This one is complicated, for reasons quaternary: (1) it's the name of an okay album from The Damned (2) the right way to fight (2) when someone behaves pleasantly when they're being an asshole (4) when I make guns with my hands, which apparently happens far more often than I thought.

millstone - the work.

mosquitoes bites and scrunchies - things I don't like.

name-dropping - pointless culture references that are used to further explain what I'm talking about

nerding out - prime examples of nerdy things I do/like/obsess over

Obama - I like the guy.

oggle this - check out what I'm talking about, because I think it's bad as

Parenthetical Mastermind - sometimes I use lots of parentheses.

PCCCC - Pub Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, which is a pub crawl that my friends and I have whenever we get bored where we ride a train and get off when there's a bar at a stop, then hop back on the train when it comes back. We do this for about twelve hours.

porn - erotica. Not that I write it, but sometimes it's on TV.

Route 66 - a series of posts about my trip on the Mother Road.

SCIENCE - Science. And Truth.

shibboleth - Basically if you weren't there, you might not get it. It also means that I am probably not going to explain it further so the people involved can save face

sometimes I draw things - I won't explain this.

Tarot - Once I had someone read my Tarot cards. I became obsessed. So if anything happens that relates to that reading, I'm fucking telling.

the 56 - The bus. Any bus, really.

The Dog - My dog.
I love this dog more than nearly anything. But he lives with my parents, because I don't have a yard, and I refuse to have a dog when I'm yard-less, or at least when I can't walk him during the day. You are more than welcome to have a city dog, but I can't bring myself to do it.

The Whores - stories involving a group of friends I have, known as The Whores.

thoughtsicles - Just, you know, random thoughts.

tomfoolery - Sober jackassery. Usually it's just me, and goes hand in hand with quixotism.

Tron - I fucking love Tron.

umbrellas - I break them, give them away, lose them...I go through umbrellas like toilet paper.

Vegas - Either about the actual city, or when something is so ridic that I felt like I was in Vegas.

- I love to travel, except I don't travel like normal people, because I'm easily distracted and very slow moving. So I call it wandering. And sometimes I get lost, but I don't know that I'm lost. It's all very confusing.

yeah I totally read that

Year of Teen Wolf - in reference to the movie of 2009: Teen Wolf.

you ruined my life - Halfway to bitchcrazy, because it's funny, not pissy.



Bluestreak said...

at least you alphabetized yours. That´s much more advanced than me.

Rassles said...

I'm going to put it through many more edits, probably. I just wanted it there.

ps: I heart your labels.