Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Thing About Hereos

Is this:

If you don't watch the show, or care about it...whatever. I need to just start firing.

I like it when they keep on casting actors from my favorite shows that aren't on the air anymore: Greg Grunberg and David Anders, Kristen Bell, and I don't know the names of the Buffy alums, but DL played Forrest and the guy who turns shit to gold was Principal Flutie.

Now we have Weevil.


Weevil is the greatest. Best Veronica Mars character other than VM herself. I know everyone's all about Logan, but fuck that, Weevil is the shit, and he got shafted in the last season, and now he's on Heroes which just makes my goddamn day.

Oh, and Bruce Boxleitner? What what.

I was a little disappointed that Season 3 didn't open with a firing squad and the subsequent death of Leaky Eyes Maya, but what are you gonna do?

Less Crisco on naked Mohinder (I have no problem with him being naked, just not oily), more scarred Peter Petrelli, and please make Nathan go batshit Christian crazy and keep Ali Larter as Tracy, not Nikki. I like the new Angela Petrelli storyline, I love snarky Sylar ("like a long night after a bad taco") and I want Sark back from the grave.

Oh, and there is no way Tracy killed the Greatest American Hero. I think he froze himself and shattered and is presently gathering up the molecules to realign in his human form.

Or he's dead. I don't know. But why would they put him in there if they were just going to kill him?

I'm going to have to purchase Season 2. Better not be a repeat of when I bought Season 1.



Anonymous said...

i agree 100% - weevil is the best character from VM aside from VM herself. it makes me happy to see him on heroes. for realsies.

American in Sydney said...

No habla Heroes. No comprende.

Rassles said...

Such a shame.

American in Sydney said...

I know, I know.