Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peter Frampton, Wing Dog, Leather Bustier, and The Addicted to Love Girls

Are you fucking kidding me?

Click on that link. Check out that ad.

Do it.

Formerly Fun is very very good at finding ridiculous old advertisements.

So, all you people who focus on image and advertisements: in fifty years, you're going to look back on the ads you fell for and feel fucking stupid.


You know what I've fallen for?


Coors Light.

wingdog leeboymusic.com


(This was the original, but they're all genius.)

Fucking Emerald Nuts.

I know that I'm swayed by advertising, because I've never had the urge to eat Emerald Nuts, and now I want them just so I can support clever marketing. Every single one of them is fantastic.

That is all. For now.



Bimbo Baggins said...

I fell for Orbitz gum after the infamous, "who you callin' a cootie head, lint licker?"

Oh, and Captain Morgan rum. I want to have a little captain in me.

renalfailure said...

The best Emerald Nuts ad was the one where Robert Goulet sneaks into your office at 3pm and fucks the place up. Then he died so they don't show it anymore.


And ads should be like this one...

American in Sydney said...

I love those citibank commercials, I think that was my favorite of them.

Anonymous said...

all of a sudden identity theft looks kinda cool :-)

Anonymous said...

You know what the great part about being Canadian is? I get to enjoy all these ads, and never once feel guilty about not supporting companies whose products and services are unavailable to me.

Seriously, how much dope do you have to ingest to come up with that Emerald Nuts spot? Daayum!

Rassles said...

DPH: Pretty sure the Captain commercial where they make the pizza delivery guy drive them home is the best.

RF: It was a toss up between the Addicted to Love Girls and Robert Goulet. But I figured, hey, Goulet got the Superbowl. The Girls get my blog.

Flor: They're all classic. But they didn't make me use CitiBank. Not like how I switch to Geico and bought Emerald Nuts yesterday.

Nurse: You're the voice that bought that $1500 bustier, aren't you?

Ginny: You should youtube the other Emerald ads. They're all like that.

Bluestreak said...

I´m a sucker for marketing. Not the ad kind, but I am drawn to really expensive looking things in expensive bottles. If the bottle looks nice, I don´t care what the fuck is in it.

Anonymous said...