Thursday, October 16, 2008

Medals, bitch.

Because this a bio entry, the following is my list of accomplished works which are subject to change, and which I received either because I was or was not good at something:

Awards and Achievements

Second Place, representing “Kentucky” as 1973 Ron Turcotte riding Secretariat, Maplebrook subdivision Fourth of July Parade presents These Fifty United States, 1988

Third Place, as “Fred Astaire” (I found a top hat, and it worked for me), Maplebrook subdivision Fourth of July Parade presents Heroes of the Great Depression and Post-War Era, 1989

Fourth Place, MBII Dolphins, 25m backstroke, 1989

First Place, Battle of the Books District 203, 1991

First Place, Battle of the Books District 203, 1992

“Thief #3,” Lincoln Junior High’s production of Arabian Tales, 1994

Moved From Outfield To Covetted Infield In Park District Softball, 1994

"Calliope” and co-playwright for Lincoln Junior High’s production Of Myths and Monsters, 1995

Silver Medal, Naperville Local Association Sonata-Sonatina Festival (piano), 1996

Voted “Most Ridiculous Accent” for taking a stab at West Saxon dialect in my portrayal of Wiglaf “SuperWiggy” of W√¶gmunding in my English Literature classroom puppet production of Beowulf, 1998

Writer/Director, NCHS One Acts: The Night is Still Young presents Phone Tag, 1999

Historian, Chi Omega Gamma, 2001

First Place (maybe Second. Everyone was hammered and we’re all convinced we won), Team Four Cooters and a Dick, Augustana Intramural Flippy Cup Championship, 2002

First Place, Augustana Intramural Trivial Pursuit Championship, 2003

First Place, A-Team, Augustana Intramural Flippy Cup Championship, 2003

Social Chair, Chi Omega Gamma, 2003

Graduate, Augustana College, 2003

Gullible Girl Who Gets Robbed By Thieving Gypsies In Real Life on Las Ramblas, 2003

Third Place Finalist, Live Band Karaoke Duets competition, singing “Add It Up”, 2005

Third Place, Team Flips MaGee and the Cup Killers in the Illinois Flippy Cup Tournament of Champions, 2006

Finally Moved Out Of The Parents Basement, 2006

BoPeep Backup Singer and Very Very Mediocre Keys Player for band I will not name, 2007

The following is the most important award on this list, and the real reason I've decided to post this whole list anyway, since it was given to me by Blue Streak, who blows my mind with her insight, and I can't believe I have a fucking blog award.

This blog invests and believes, in "proximity" meaning, that blogging makes us "close." They are all charming blogs, and the majority of them aim to show the marvels of friendship.



Bluestreak said...


Rassles said...

I don't know if I'm going to give it out at all, because, well, I only follow like eight blogs, and you already snatched two of them.

Maybe I'll make it a game.

Anonymous said...

tell us about the las ramblas incident

Love Bites said...

Stop with the blog awards. It's your first, and just like your first sigma nu, fine, dance around the room for a while before you realize that it's just a penis.

But seriously, social chairwomen from sororities need to stick together, because we rock. That was by far your most important accomplishment. Durr.

Gypsy said...

I once won a competition for who could laugh the longest. It is, to date, my proudest moment.

Well, maybe not. But it's up there.


Rassles said...

Nurse: we already know I'm long winded. It's gonna take awhile for me to pull that one out without novelizing it.

LB: Yeah, I know right? I'm so anti-blog award. But I am very very pro-Blue Streak, and if she's gonna give me an award, I'm gonna show that fucker off. But then again, should I link the Ask review results here too? Because I want to, but I don't want to.

I'm still not comfortable having a blogroll. I want it gone. Picking and choosing blogs I like, shafting lame.

Gypsy: Well now I'm jealous. If I won a laughing contest, I could die happily. So it's probably a good thing that I haven't won one, because where do you go from there?