Monday, October 27, 2008


Apparently, some library in Elgin is doing this Sex Pants Hamilton exhibit in December, and I am sooooo going, because well, we all know I have a soft spot for the Ham. The only thing that could make the Ham even cooler would be if Jules Archer did a biography, a la They Made a Revolution! 1776 and Rage In the Streets: Mob Violence and that Trotsky bio that I couldn't get through at all.

Archer taught me how to properly exercise my right to throw a shit fit, which is excellent preparation for the election, since if Obama loses, so does your face.

Speaking of getting drunk, on November 5th I'm arranging a preemptive sick day, since I'm totally going to the Obama rally on election night. I figure, if he wins, Chicago will riot, and if he loses, Chicago will fucking riot. Either way, I'm gonna punch someone in the ear. And I plan on pointing my finger and laughing.

If anyone else is going, (by that I mean MoLinder and Gyna, because you're the only two I can think of who'll definitely be there instead of giving me some bullshit about, "Well, I really want to go, but it's so cold and far" - fuck you, this is history, let's vandalize it. We can have "where were you the night Obama fucking worked it" stories, and ours will be the best. Oh, and I am awesome at using parentheses) then I'll see you there.

On a completely different subject, it's freezing outside right now, and I'm in love with the chill.



Anonymous said...

i am so down for going- we need to keep an eye out for how we get tickets.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. I would SO be going if I lived in Chicago. And...punching someone in the ear? Just that little Rassles. Just that 'cause I don't want to hear you've ended up so Hamiltonized that you ended up in some duel.

Rassles said...

Obama spokespeople say it's free and public. The campaign is paying for it. Not sure if we'd need to like, secure a spot or something.

I'm bringing chairs.

Rassles said...

Oh, and Mongo, if I duel anyone it's gonna be someone I know I can beat.

Which is everyone.

Ellie Maybe said...

Dude, Vee and I will totally come with. I either want to celebrate Obama's election or witness his assassination, so I'm totally down. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hell yeah we'll be there - i can't wait! it's going to be kick ass - punching, yelling and fires. i heart chicago.

Anonymous said...

You have to go...I was in Little Rock the night Clinton was elected in 1992 (yes--I'm fairly old). I was working for NBC at their local bureau and had press passes to get into all the cool places. It was awesome. Of course, Clinton being Clinton, everything was about 4 hours behind schedule. But it was truly history.

~Mountain Lover~ said...

I picked the wrong week to go to Chicago. *sigh*

Do you think they'll still be rioting a month later?


paperback reader said...

You might as well go, because very few great stories begin with, "But instead, I decided to stay in and watch Mr. Belvedere DVDs."

Also, I was always a big Hamilton fan, and would grow incensed when Reaganites talked about taking him off the $10 for their hero. "He's the only reason we have a national currency!" I'd yell to deaf ears. "How about you take Jackson, who opposed the national effing bank, off instead?" And then, people would stop listening, because men who argue about currency are not worth paying attention to.

Rob S said...

I work the polls until 9ish or so that night. Then I predict I will hastily prepare to leave the country before I'm outed and hung in my neighborhood. This will happen no matter the result, but especially if Obama looses. I will miss you Andersonville.

Oh yah, but I'll return to give you your birthday present from last year on your birthday this year. Hamilton is a badass.

Rassles said...

Eli: YES

Mongo: Mongolisitc?

Linder: It's also gonna be cold. You sure you're down? (I kid, I kid, you are very brave.)

Frank: I have a shirt from LOTL in Arkansas. You know, the one that says, "Clinton '92, Lowest of the Low Society: We Ain't Trash No More." I. Fucking. Love. It.

Mount: If you look hard enough, there's always a riot somewhere. It's easier to just start one. Go to Wrigleyville and pay someone five bucks to wear a White Sox shirt, then start singing, "Don't Stop Believing." I guarantee angry riotry and all sorts of roundhouse kicks and black eyes.

Pistols: You make two excellent points, however, I find that Reaganites are always worth talking to, because they'll feed you enough comedic material to last until they've risen their hero from the dead. Then we'll know for that those bastards are necrophiles, as I've always suspected. Case in point: Alex P. Keaton.

Rob: Yeah, seriously, stop hoarding all of my birthday presents. Oh, and does this mean you don't want to come to the rally? I was really looking forward to watching you cry.

Anonymous said...

Mongolistic? Yes. Yes that could happen. Oh wait, I think it just did!

Anonymous said...

i know that it is free to public, but per the article i read in the tribune last week:

"Details on ticketing have not yet been announced. Attendees likely would face metal detectors and have their possessions searched, just as at all Obama events. The process is similar to going through airport security and can create lines blocks long, as was the case at an Obama event under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis last weekend that attracted an estimated 100,000 people."

and this statement a few days ago:
"It remained unclear Thursday whether the event would be open to the public."

so like i said, keep an eye out for possible tickets.

Rassles said...

Dude, if they give out tickets and close it down to the public, they will have one PISSED OFF CITY on their hands. I think that would cause more trouble than they think.

I mean, after the Cubs and the Sox lost...everyone's looking for a fight.

Anonymous said...

just got an email from the obama site- you have to sign up to get tickets.

Rassles said...


I just texted you that exact message.

Bluestreak said...

scream your head off for me in the cold on election night. If I were home I´d be doing just that. Well, I´ll be screaming my head off from Spain. You might hear it all the way in Chicago because Obama is gonna KICK ASSSSS and I´m gonna be REALLY FUCKING LOUD, Spanish neighbors be damned.

Love Bites said...

Have I ever told you that when I met Alexander Hamilton online, his profile said that he had an obsession with parentheses. It was so cute.

Also, nothing like this happens in Tallahassee. Sometimes I wish I lived in Chicago except it is so damn cold up there and full of people from Chicago.

Public riots are good, though. You're young and you should totally do this. I still remember going to hang out with people partying in the street and fighting after KU put the hammer down on Oklahoma in the NCAA championship in 88. That was some good time.

formerly fun said...

go punch somebody in the baby jesus, maybe you should bring some angry baby with you?

Anonymous said...

I love that.

Just a few minutes ago someone was saying they were going to do early voting, to get away from the lines.

But I'm like, fuck that. I want to be in the middle of it all. Even if there are drunk people.

Rassles said...


LB: I think, that to properly exist as a human being, you must riot at least once. Ideally, you need to revolution as well...but that's so much harder to accomplish.

FF: I'll hit up Key and DPH. You think they could Angry Baby me by Tuesday?

Duck: EXACTLY. I don't understand early voting. The whole point of voting, second only to exercising our democratic right to freedom of choice, is to get a sticker.