Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rock and Roll

Blogs I'd Invite To My Wicked Cool Blog Party

Ask And You Shall Receive
The Asshat Lounge
Betsey Booms
Blues of a Waxwing
The Cheek of God
The Cusp
The Daily Smoke
Diary of Why
Florida Girl In Sydney
Formerly Fun
A Free Man
Gimcrack Hospital
The Good Word of Sprout
Gwen Alison Wonderland
Here In Franklin
Irrelevant Cheetah
Letter From Joshua
Life As We Know It
Mia Watts
Mountain Lover
Poor Penmanship
Praying to Darwin
Project Kickass
Renal Failure
Sack Posset
Say Hello to Jessica
Shaman's Blues
The Show Must Go On

Smile Now, Cry Later
Strange Dark Gypsy Girl
Tabbie. Like Cabbie. With a T.
Tourette's Cat
Trailer Park Refugee
Verbal Diarrhea
Voila, Moi
What I Like About the Universe
Yo Soy La Chamuca

That I Would Normally Invite To My Wicked Cool Blog Party But I'm Not Gonna Because They're Douchebags And Stopped Blogging For Like Two Months Or Something:

The Blackbeard Chronicles
Ducks of Happiness
Eating Chicken Vindaloo
Life in the River
Save Your Generation


Bluestreak said...

sweet, i made the rock and roll list.

Mister Crowley said...

Can I DJ? :D Pwetty pwease? I promise, no Lamb of God...

Le Meems said...

Wow, I think you should definitely let me cater it. All i need is a corkscrew dummy, some cheese and bread.


But never cheap.

Just like moi

M. said...

Fuck I'm IN THIS?

Dude. That is fucking awesome.

I'm like loads cooler now. I'm gonna walk around smacking ppl up and be like "WHAT UP BITCH I WAS INVITED TO A HYPOTETHICAL BlOG PARTY" And they'll laugh at me because they think blogs are for losers.

Fuck them.