Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Email.

From: PrayingtoDarwin@some.email.place.com
Sent: Tue 12/02/08 4:27 PM
To: Rassles@some.other.email.place.com
Subject: FYI

Search Terms on my blog today:

dwarf porn 4
drawf porn 1
dwarft porn 1
dwarf pron 1
dewarf porn 1
dwarf's porn 1
porn dwarf 1
dawf porn 1

I feel there's a demographic being underserved out there.




paperback reader said...

I am really bad at spelling, but really serious about my interests.

Bluestreak said...


Gypsy said...

Tell that to Gidget the Midget.

Also? That other post? The one that is in my reader but mysteriously missing from your blog? Hi-fucking-larious. I have tears. And I made a complete fool of myself trying to cover laughing with coughing. I might have snotted myself.

Anonymous said...

dwarf porn 4 is particularly fascinating.

Mike said...

Who knew there were so many ways to spell "little person."

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is, there's clearly money to be made. And we're not making it. If I knew any dwarves/little people/whateverthefucktheywanttobecalleds I'd have them naked and bent over so fast it would make their little tiny heads spin. Actually, they usually have pretty normal sized heads. How the fuck did this tangent start? I'm a gonna shut up now.

Rassles said...

Pistols: So we've eliminated the possibility of you being a ten-year-old Asian boy, because they can spell everything.

Blues: Ginny's a sucker. Maybe I should fuck with your blog some more. I tried to change your header, by the way, and it didn't work. So I got depressed and posted that video about genitals instead. Which I stole from Renal Failure.

Gypsy: I want to leave it up there, but I feel that it may be unnecessarily incriminating to someone, and it's better to wait for a go ahead.

Franki: I've seen that one. Don't tell anyone, but at the end the guy gets the guy.

Mike: Who knew there were so many people into Lord of the Rings?

Ginny: If you bend a dwarf in half, you need a long reach to get down there. We could just make some ourselves. You just need to cut off your legs at the knee.

Kitty said...

Rassles, go sign up for Holidailies.

Reverend Ghost said...

True story. When I was stationed in NC, there was a midget stripper at a dive called Southern Comfort. She was awesome. Neon nipple rings and a head that you could set your drink on.

Rassles said...

Kitty: I cannot, in good conscious, participate. Commitment phobe.

GoK: A cup holder that follows you around. Win win.