Thursday, December 11, 2008

Excellent Update: Don't Hate, Superfans.

Added bonus of today, which is now another blog:

The boss gave me tickets for the Bears-Saints game tonight. I knew this was going to happen, because of the connectional hurricane in my head, after linking a story about the last free game I hit up. Which I will do again, presently. Row 7, bitches. You know what this means? Tonight I must master my control of my surrounding energy, and therefore temperature, because it's gonna be fucking cold.

Also, and if you read that link, does anyone else think it's odd that the last time I got hooked up with sweet seats for a Chicago team, I ran into Governor Blagojavich?



paperback reader said...

Sometimes free tickets are really just invitations to Sicktown. I got free tickets to a Ravens/Green Bay game a few years ago, and all that meant was watching Favre throw four picks in circa zero degree weather and being sick for a week of work.

"Free" tickets, indeed.

Lirun said...

whoa how tired am i?!?!? i read britney spears concert..

Anonymous said...

ah, so the truth is discovered on how you came about these bears tickets. you paid to play, didn't you? what did you offer? was it the awesome venture brothers calendar? or possibly the recliner? our boy fitzpatrick will find out and pretty soon we'll see your face on "countdown" with sexy pants keith olbermann.

derfina said...

Go, Saints!

Rassles said...

Pistols: Yeah, but you put "free" in front of just about anything, and I'm in.

Lirun: You can read "Britney Spears concert" all you want, but fuck that. I want nothing to do with that broad.

MoLinder: You mean, you didn't notice that I gave them the cats?

Derf: Go bullshit. Bears win, suckah.