Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Lame.

I made it to work. It is seven in the morning. Nap time.



derfina said...

WOT? I thought you were PLANNING to be late!

paperback reader said...

7am? There is a 7am?

Feisty Democrat said...

Word for word the funniest posting I've read in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Holidaily or nap time? Apparently both.

Anonymous said...

Um, if you'd just been slightly less lazy, this could have been a haiku.

I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

yeah.... lazy haiku-avoiding Rassles

Rassles said...

To everyone:
Italic retorts
to show that at 10 am,
I'm not as idle.

But as I stated,
if there's no one to frustrate
the fun is just gone.

Given the choice, I'd
time-machine right over it;
seven is useless.

Just wait until you
fucking see what I've got planned
for today. It sucks.

Around me, you see,
all days are holidays. I
pack the merry heat.

Don't use your crazy
Canadian logic on
me. It was seven.

And you. Stop it with
the encouraging Ginny
thing. It's just not fair.

Gypsy said...

At least you have the run of the place. Why not Xerox your ass?