Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Double Vision Always Seems to Get the Best of Me.

This weekend, Gyna got herself all hooked up with a vinyl copy of "Double Vision," which would easily be included on a list representing the five all-time greatest Foreigner albums. And not just because they only had five albums.

Then, after rocking out to Foreigner, we watched Teen Wolf Too.

Fucking everyone watched Teen Wolf this weekend. Even people who don't know that it's the Year of Teen Wolf were dropping it in conversation. Yellavitch told me a story about her sad attempt at car surfing. Someone had green jello with their lunch today.

Strangers are using the terminology. I heard a guy on the street call his friend "Dicknose." Boomer's noticing it too.

It's like the world is catering to me.



Anonymous said...

Also recently on Surviving Myself: http://survivingmyselfblog.com/2009/02/02/talking-points/

paperback reader said...

Everything's coming up Rassles. I should be terrified, but instead, I'm hopeful - hopeful that soon, people will recognize faux Stiles for the criminal he truly is, and gather with torches and pitchforks accordingly.

Mrs. Booms said...

Ah, the sweet sounds of Lou Gramm.

I used to live on the Lake Avenue they talked about in Revving the Red Line.

I think I need to lay off the TW, people are starting to think I'm making things happen like some TW sorceress..

Anonymous said...

I love when the world caters to me. It doesn't happen very often, so when it does I savor every moment. When we were flipping through channels on Sunday I saw Teen Wolf and I said "Stop" and my husband was like, "Why?" and I said, "Because it's the Year of Teen Wolf. Rassles says so." He doesn't get it. Not yet.

~Mountain Lover~ said...

I'm just debating whether to be in the first wave and be one of those who easily caves to peer pressure, or be one of those who waits to the 10th wave, and buys everyone's sloppy seconds at a discount and am just watching it when everyone is bored. So, I'll be about 8 months too late- like when I started rolling my pants. Thereby cementing my position as a dork.

The latter is within my comfort zone, so it's a tough decision.

Anonymous said...

Way to put your finger right on the zeitgeist. Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Del-V said...

Xenophobia prevents me from enjoying Foreigner.

Bird Shit said...

I haven't seen that movie in so long...It may be the Weekend of the Wolf!

Gypsy said...

Just as long as the world doesn't start making fat guys play basketball. I just don't want to see it.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I never saw Teen Wolf Too, but I do love me some Foreigner.

Anonymous said...

Favorite Teen Wolf memory . . . the coach's three secrets for a happy life . . .

1) Never get less than 12 hours sleep.

2) Never play cards with a guy whose first name is the same as a city.

3) Never date a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her body.

And I haven't seen that movie in probably 15 years . . . that was from fucking MEMORY!!!

I rock that way . . .

Rassles said...

Erin: You know, I left him a comment, and he really seemed not to care. So, you know. Fuck that guy.

Pistols: You're just saying that to make me mad. All Stileses will prevail, and your side will be proven the loser.

Boomer: That could be it. You and my sister should team up to generate storms of Teen Wolf to cover the world.

Gwen: YES! Total domination. Tell your husband thank you for his understanding, and someday I hope he can fully comprehend how important Teen Wolf is. To the world.

ML: You are not caving to the pressure of the wave. You are CREATING the wave. Remember that. Listen to me, I'm handing you gold. You're going to be one step ahead of the hipsters. Say this with me: Pirates are the new ninjas, robots are the new pirates, Chuck Norris is the new robot, unicorns are the new Chuck Norris, hobos are the new unicorns.

Teen Wolf is the new hobo. You heard it here.

Ginny: And you're mine, so how is anything ever going to move forward?

Del-V: Damn you and your lexical logic.

BS and BC: You know it.

Gypsy: Who does? Basketball is lame anyway. Yeah, I said it. Shut up.

Ambiblob: If you don't love Foreigner, you're a liar. Right, Gyna?

Tysdaddy: Love that quote!