Friday, March 13, 2009

Le Bronx.

To keep up with this whole like, week-long of dialogue I've got going on, I have a guest post up at A Free Man today. He's bundled up his family and eased into one of those soothing internet-free corners of the world, with white-sandy-beaches, houses in palm trees, and probably unicorns. The Robert Vavra kind of unicorn, not like Charlie the unicorn or the Ringling Brothers unicorn. It's an imaginary place, really.

Anyway, so he gave me a prompt: vacation.

Did anyone else notice that all of my blogs lately are conversations?


So check it. What what.



Red said...

Thanks for your comment. Is being a puppeteer less creepy if it was just me, just one summer and always for children? Anyway, I have a couple quick stories I don't wanna post but I'll email you if I can.

Anonymous said...

yeah I noticed. I like 'em!

Rassles said...

Red: Puppets are nearly always creepy, but fascinating nonetheless.

Nurse: Good, because apparently I can't stop.