Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's been decided that there will be a slightly impromptu Pub Chugga Chugga Choo Choo 7 next Saturday, in celebration of Bobbay's birthday.

And by "slightly" I mean "I fucking called it" and by "impromptu" I mean "we've been debating if this was plausible for a good two weeks and officially reached a decision on Tuesday in favor of debauchery."

Not that any of you are really coming, but I thought you'd like to know, so you can sit and stew in puddles of green envy, conjuring elaborate fantasies about loss of innocence and nubile twenty-somethings with insatiable appetites, floating in savory rivers of beer and drinking the juice directly from the vine, because that's exactly how shit's gonna go down. It's best represented by this equation:

(the Garden of Eden + train) x Jager = Pub Chugga Chugga Choo Choo.



Mrs. Booms said...

Ah man, there is a turd in my puddle of envy.

Nevermind, it's a candy bar.

Nikki B. said...

i am ALWAYS in favor of debauchery!

~Mountain Lover~ said...

Your P4C7 just mind-fucked my computer and took me on a journey (via your link) to the archives where I posted a clever comment.

I'm a genius that way.

And here it is for all the world to see. I couldn't leave it alone, it talked about Colorado Microbrews. Best beer in the nation. HANDS DOWN:

I'm in need of a train. And nubile 20-somethings. The closest I have is a light rail that takes you to park-n-rides and my 30-something gay pals.

Send me some inspiration and I'll sent you some of Colorado's finest microbrews... just sayin'

Mongolian Girl said...

I love the shit out of you, Rass.
And, my little special verification word today is 'squish'. I think this might represent the state of your fantabolous brain after the chugga chugga choo choo thingy ma bob.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I'm going to have a shot of Jager from my freezer RIGHT NOW in honor of you big event.

Anonymous said...

Everything always seems a lot more fun when rendered in maths.

Gwen said...

I'll be so there in spirit, my dear. Chug chug away.

And Mountain Lover - your comment is quite clever!

And Mongolian Girl my verification word is Hinglos. I just wanted you to know that.

Anonymous said...

I'm drowning in a pool of chartreuse

Anonymous said...

Is it tomorrow or next Saturday...just want to make sure I stew on the right day.

Feisty Democrat said...

I checked the math for ya. It's correct - well done!

Red said...

Wish I could be there! But let's get something straight - 30something women are a damn sight more insatiable than we were in our 20s. 30something men can hardly keep up.

formerly fun said...

I'm getting a contact hangover just thinking about it. All aboard.

Mia Watts said...

Only if the nubiles are male, thanx. And they can carry me from pub to pub since drunk driving is illegal but drunk crowd surfing isn't.

Le Meems said...

My winning combination was realized in Savannah Georgia two weeks ago.
(Le Meems + Bar Full Of Men) - any women * Two fer One Drink Specials All Night + unlimited funds - a care in the world / skanky outfit = Best Night Ever

Schmee said...

YES. so excited for debauchery and woodchuck. I hope to god we catch miles long at james joyce this time...

Blues said...

I WILL get on a Choo Choo train drunk with you in my lifetime. Mark my words.

Rassles said...

Boomer: Now I need a Twix, you bitch.

Nikki: And rightly so. Debauch on.

ML: As far as Colorado is concerned, the microbrews are their greatest asset.

Mongo: A more accurate word would probably be "slosh."

Ambiblob: Why stop there? Have the bottle!

Gullybogan: I'm so glad I'm not alone on that.

Gwen: Drink to your spirit, I will.

Nurse: Which is good, because chartreuse will get you good and drunk.

Franklin: Next Saturday. May 9th. So excited.

Math: That means so much, coming from a professional Mathlete.

Red: I hear things like that, but I really can't fathom it. Maybe far into the future when I'm nearly an elder like yourself. Burn.

FF: That's just what it's like, too, when everyone climbs into your brain and fucks up the order of things.

Mia: We are all nubile on P4C7, as a rule.

Meems: You must film these things.

Schmee: Miles Long and his Irish magic would make it the best P4C ever.

Blues: You are always invited.