Tuesday, May 19, 2009

omg star trek yar

I'll be the first to admit: I have no dedication to Star Trek.

The world of Star Trek has always kind of hovered a just little to the left, skipping out of the corner of my eye. I grew up surrounded by superpowers and alternate mythologies, where characters faced the same problems as us, thus making those problems universal despite our differences in reality, not futuristic Earth, where characters faced the same problems as us, thus making those problems universal despite the evolution of time.

People usually assume that I know all about Star Trek, though, because of my massive, nuclear, damn-near-radiation-inducing geekosity. Seriously, it's so stereotypical sometimes it's overwhelming. I can feel it leaking over my shoes, making squishy noises when I walk, leaving puddles of geek in my wake.

Yes, sometimes I watch shows in space and I read books about magic, and sometimes? Reverse it. I am obsessed with Time and all of the pertaining theories regarding traveling through it. I never really jumped on the vampire train, but that don't mean I'm not devoted to Buffy. I like stories about people who were chosen, people who were born special, who were different and stood apart in their heroic quest to save fucking everyone ever.

Because of course, I wanted to either (a) be the heroine, or (b) be the hero's equally heroic girlfriend.

Anyway, so tonight I'm going to see Star Trek. And my point is this: this is really less about Star Trek, and more about JJ Abrams.

I'm just afraid that I'm going to go all, "OMG STAR TREK YAR!" and become even geekier, and then I'm going to have to rent all the shows and horseshit.

Fuck it, I don't even care. How hot is this movie? And I'm not talking about buzz.

I'm talking about dick. Sigh. It's like I'm twelve or something. So dreamy.



Anonymous said...

I've never really been a Trekkie either. Just never took the time, I guess. I've seen the movies, and enough re-runs, but it just didn't take enough to become an obsession.

So go. Drool. And then get on with life. I still love you . . .

Anonymous said...

I pretended to like it all through college to impress my boyfriend. He's my husband now, so I guess they take that shit really seriously.

Gwen said...

Seriously, I'm seeing the movie for the hot men, or as you so eloquently and perfectly put it, the dick. I didn't consider myself a sci fi geek until I got all into Battlestar Galactica. I have always considered myself a geek, though. Now that I think about it, Sci Fi geeks are way cooler than me.

Erin said...

I got food poisoning in college, and I had to wait in the ER for more than 2 hours, and they were blasting a Star Trek on the waiting room TV so loudly I could hear it across the street. Star Trek is the worst thing you could possibly watch when you are in agony. I pretty much disavowed the franchise after that.

But I saw this movie on Friday. It was fun.

formerly fun said...

I used to be mostly slightly bohemian girly girl maybe a little geeky, but I am getting geekier every day thanks to my husband. He's a big Star Trek fan(not like Star trek convention fan but he does have a "collecrtion" of dvds). He hooked me by telling me it was basically a soap opera in space. We better stay married because if we ever break up I'll probably never get laid again thank to my geek by proxy.

MoLinder said...

zachary quinto is so hot it hurts. sigh. oh yeah, the movie was pretty fucking sweet too.

Mrs. Booms said...

Unfortunately, I knew who Gene Rodenberry was when I was 5. My real dad was a massive Star Trek geek.

gyna said...

lady boner

~Mountain Lover~ said...

I used to be a huge "Trekker" (I hated the original, but love TNG so much I have a life-sized cardboard poster thing of Worf (and drunken photos of me "groping" him). Yeah. I'm that girl. Hot.

I haven't gone to see the new one yet. I heard fans might not like it so much. Anyway, I might go see it now due to the dick.

P.S. I've never been to a convention. So, at least I'm not a complete freak about it.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I'm waiting til this movie comes to the $3 theater to go see it. Because I've never been a fan of Star-anything movies, but I feel it's still necessary to watch them in order to stay abreast of pop culture references.
Now that, is geeky in a totally different way.

Mia Watts said...

I haven't seen it either though I'm told it's marketed toward the non-trek person in order to draw in more interest. You may indeed by YAR-ing by the end of the night. I wait breathlessly for your post tomorrow.

Gypsy said...

I've been to a Star Trek convention.

Also, I have a thing for Simon Pegg.

Thanatos said...

It's a lot of fun for the "non-trekkie". You'll like it a lot more if you know your Star Trek quotes.

Rassles said...

Brian: I am still drooling, it's totally not fair.

Franklin: I pretend to like...nope. No, I don't pretend to like anything. I will rip your shit up if I don't like it.

Gwen: BSG was an incredible show, wasn't it? Damn. Well, if you're not a sci-fi geek? Then you're a dork. Either way, society is bringing both of those terms closer and closer to endearment than ever before, so...we win.

Erin: Dude, when I get food poisoning I just lay on the floor of my bathroom in the fetal position, WISHING I could watch Star Trek.

FF: Geek by proxy is better than natural geekishness, I think. Oh, and seriously? If I had the chance to go to a convention, I'd be there in a second. If only for the story.

MoL: I know. I just look at him, and smile. Ouch.

Boomer: There is nothing unfortunate about that. I would flat out brag.

Gyna: Total lady boner.

Mount: You can speak Klingon, can't you? I can feel that about you. And YES: see it.

Ambiblob: Dude, you're like a total poser-geek. What's wrong with you? (of course, I am kidding. Nothing but love. Kind of. What kind of poser-geek are you?)

Mia: I was yar-ing the fuck out of myself.

Gypsy: My only complaint about the entire movie? Not enough Simon Pegg. Because I definitely have a thing for him as well.

Thanny: I know most of the main Star Trek quotes. It's hard to avoid them, growing up geek.

Mahjong said...

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