Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here at our office, that being the office of Saving The Deserving Children Of The World One Day At A Time Because We Are Noble And Heroic And Our Employment Is Not At All Sarcastically Contingent To The Fact That We Are Otherwise Unemployable But Nobly and Heroically So, which is our non-profit's official name--you can google the fuck out of it--we are all about the not-wearing-of-jeans.

If the decision were mine, I would wear jeans daily, but currently we have daily business attire and no casual Friday. Also, drinking on the job is frowned upon. Horseshit.

Today, though, all of our Directors were all, "suck it, bitches, I'm totally not coming in today" so we, the Lesser Heroes, were all, "suck it, Directors, we are wearing the fuck out of our jeans today" and then we totally did just that.

The thing about wearing jeans, though, is that my other pants, as business as they are (if business were an adjective, because I use it in fancy archetypal phrases like, "That's business, right there"), are really at about the same physical comfort level as my other pants.

So I'm pretty sure that the relaxed feeling floating around the office is unrelated to material and contact and fibers, and it's totally just because we associate jeans with couches and Cool Ranch Doritos and lax softness and laughing with friends. And we're just as productive.

Well, I'm writing a blog, but fucking whatever. I get shit done.

I like it better this way.



MoLinder said...

i always get to wear jeans on fridays. and i get to drink on the job when the germans are feeling it. so, yeah. i didn't get to wear jeans today though. fucking lame.

Mrs. Booms said...

I get to wear jeans every day and drinking on the job is not only promoted but provided.

I know, I'm an asshole.

Rassles said...

Ahhhhh, but are either of you saving the fucking world?


I didn't fucking think so.


Mrs. Booms said...

No, no I'm not. As a matter of fact, my boss always says, "We're not saving lives here, we're drawing pretty pictures."

So there you have it.

Not saving lives.
Half-crocked wearing jeans.

OneZenMom said...

Today's a semi-rare jeans day at work for us, too. I always feel like a have a little extra pep in my step on these days.

But, then again, I'm wearing my "magic jeans". And the right pair of jeans are like a great pair of shoes: They can make a woman feel like she's saving the fucking world, even when she's not. ;P

Magic jeans. Get some:

Ellie said...

You should see the shit I wear to work. You'd shake your head and say, dude, you're 40. You need to grow up!

Ellie said...

ps - and I have saved the world many times. Y2K was a biggie, thank you very much.

Hockey Girl said...

I have no idea how I stubbled onto your blog...but I love it. I love the honesty in your words.

I actually work with someone who double jeans it out. Jeans & a denim shirt..and they top it off with loafers...ohh yeah

Erin said...

Being allowed to wear jeans to work is a gift I treasure. My last job made us wear dress clothes, no sneakers, no matter what the assignment. Snowmobiler crashed into the lake? DRESS SHOES. Now I'm allowed to wear jeans and flip flops. Well, not to a winter assignment. But, anyway, I'll never take the privilege for granted.

A Free Man said...

One of the things about academia that rocks is the dress code, or lack thereof. Although my students make fun of me when I wear shorts. I don't know why.

And I'm saving the world from stupidity, so suck on that.

Gwen said...

Yeah, I wear what I want to work. It wasn't always like that. I used to have a "real" job like you. It sucked. But at least I made half decent money. I'm glad you had a good day!

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I'm going all disco dress code today. My shit will even sparkle.
But then, I don't got no job.
You all should just start wearing jeans on Fridays- like a slacks strike or something.

Blues said...

In my previous job I had to wear suits and shit and it was a real pain and I felt like it was a costume. One of the best things about my job is that I can wear whatever I want and nobody gives a fuck. Jeans, flip flops, nobody seems to be paying attention. In fact, there is a German guy that has worn the same wrinkly dirty outfit all week and he is beginning to smell. Just today I had the bad luck of taking the elevator after he got off and fucking hell was that ever a mistake. Then of course when the elevator got to the ground floor all the incoming people thought I had major B.O.

Schmee said...

askfjdkaldfj; "but are either of you saving the fucking world?" Hilare Ross. Just hilare. and I totally wore jeans and flip flops to work today even though I'm only supposed to wear jeans on the weekends. I justified it with the fact that it's a holiday weekend and alot of people have the day off. But then I stubbed my pinkie toe walking in the employee door so I'm pretty sure that was my punishment...hmmm

renalfailure said...

It's jeans everyday at work for me. Sometimes a hockey jersey.

Still don't understand jeans with flip-flops.

Gypsy said...

We are not supposed to wear jeans but sometimes, on Fridays, I'll wear them if they are of the trouser variety. I'm a rebel.