Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Not Bored. You Are Boring.

Lately, I've been feeling like a total snob, because there are some people that I really just don't want to fucking talk to. I find them boring. Not you, but them.

I'm not the type of person that really gets bored. Not anymore, anyway. It's this thing I'm trying. Not really a new thing, more of a "for the past few years" thing that I don't know if I've ever said out loud.

"Only boring people get bored," right? So if I ever feel the onslaught of boredom, I am going to just fucking do something instead of sitting around grumbling, "I'm bored." It holds hands with "just do whatever makes the better story," which is probably my second favorite piece of advice, right after the classic Tolkien, "Not all those who wander are lost."

Lately, people are boring. Is it me, or them? I feel guilty labeling someone as boring, but it can't be avoided. There are people out there that think I'm boring. Don't know who they are, but I'm sure they're out there, existing, being bored by me.

But Meems inadvertently reminded me that I don't talk to people who aren't shiny, and lately there's all these people that aren't shiny and I'm trying to be all nice because everyone deserves a chance, but fuck it, I'm going to take that unnecessary stand of snobbery for my own sanity and just not hang around the boring ones.

I mean, there must be balance. There must be squirrels and sheep, and there must be lots of 'em, and they must be boring. Makes room for the shiny ones.

I just hope I'm not becoming one of them.


LATER EDIT 7.22.09: Man, the more I read this, the more I hate it. "I'm not the type of person that really gets bored"? I sound like a dick. I try hard not to typify myself like that, not directly, not because I'm putting myself in a category, but because it means that the category exists in the first place in a place of elitism, and that I am one of the few who dwells there. Fuck, I can't stand that high-minded crap. It annoys me when other people do that, and now I'm doing it too.

But I am a big fan of personality quizzes. They just give me a chance to talk about me. Go figure.



Ellie said...

Life is short. You don't need to talk to the boring people. You don't need to feel guilty for not talking to the boring people. You don't need to give a toss if some (who????) might possibly think you are boring.

Monopoly is boring. (God! How it's boring!) You certainly do not have to play monopoly.

Sid said...

I agree with Ellie. People who don't enhance your life simply aren't people worth knowing. Move along, find new shiny people.

Le Meems said...

look waffles, I eliminate those who smell like cold chicken noodle soup. You eliminate the boring.

But the real lesson here sugar is to inspire
The Boring to be The Interesting. Show'em what they're missing. MISSING. Lights camera action!

Now get your ass in gear on my nonprofit and start creating magic. Fly high, sweet chariot, and grow your life so full you won't even have room for cold chicken soup.

(please don't ever eliminate bloggers who mean well but don't make no sense!)

Anonymous said...

you'll always be shiny

Sack Posset said...

The trick is to provoke the boring people until they snap. That's interesting.

Mongolian Girl said...

Three things:
1) When I think I'm bored it usually means it's actually just nap time
2) The most boring people in the world (in my opinion) are people who won't shut the fuck up with their complaining
3) I complain a lot about people who complain a lot

What does that say about me? I suspect I am screwed.

Mrs. Booms said...

It's a fucking epidemic, I tell you.

OneZenMom said...

I agree with MG: I can't stand people who bitch and moan all day long about everything and nothing.

BUT ... I have learned in my ripe old age that boring is underrated.

I have friends and family who lead very exciting lives - stimulation and drama abound!

And I can barely stand to be around them. And, between you and me - I don't think they are very happy.

I look at my boring, happy little life and then I look at theirs and I think it must be like living in "Speed" ... one adrenalin-pumping moment after another, and if you slow down, Bad Things are going to happen.

So, yeah, while other people might "bore" me on occasion, I think I still prefer to be the boring one. :)

Gypsy said...

If only boring people get bored then I am seriously fucked.

Stumbling, Falling, Dreaming & Flying said...

this is actually quite an obnoxious post. and even though you temper it with moments of self-awareness and humour, it's still pretty obnoxious.

i'm sure the people you find boring don't find themselves boring. therefore, the problem of boredom is within you. again, you kind of hint at this self-awareness anyway. but being someone who likes to say to themselves they are random, or if you took a random train trip in 2002; that doesn't make you unboring.

look for the light in those people you find boring, you might start to love yourself a little more.

Rassles said...

Stumbling, I agree. It is an obnoxious post. Very.

I wrote it to be obnoxious.

But it explains my bad mood, and by now the people that read my blog that I care about aren't going to care if I pout once in awhile.

It's more about...looking for that light in others, finding nothing, and getting frustrated.

Being boring is so personal. To me, being boring is regurgitating someone else's words without adding your own, complaining about being bored instead of doing something about it, caring more about the lives of celebrities than your own, a lack of observation and awareness. It's not about travel or parties or adrenaline: it's a mindset of resignation, of stagnancy that so many possess and it's rubbing off on me and I don't like it.

So I'm not going to talk to them anymore.

Blues said...

I know I'm boring. I also know there was a time when I wasn't and I don't know how to get back to that person.

The more boring I get, the less willing I am to put up with people I dislike, hence the burning bridges post awhile back. I'm way too busy watching T.V. and fucking around on the internet to spend time dealing with people I have nothing in common with, and because I'm delusional, I think I have things in common with people who are not boring.

Nevermind, scratch all that, you know what? I'm fucking awesome and anyone who can't see that is clearly a boring fuck.

Das Meems said...

Stumbling, you are an idiot.
Stumbling, Stumbling. Are you an idiot?

This post ....It's plain and simple. Some people are just plain fucking boring. They are the kind who'd suck a fart out of someone's ass and hold it in like a bong load instead of express an opinion, an interest, an idea or a thought.

I'm sorry maybe you aren't an idiot ... But just a lover of books like Eat Pray Love and shows like Dr Phil. Not everything is so Freudian ... So Jungian. So facking self inyrodpective y'know?


The Ambiguous Blob said...

Dude. People are being so fucking whacked out today & yesterday. I hear it's a retrograde with some planets in outerspace.
So, if there really is this "outerspace" and not just a convenient starry-looking blanket over a big fancy light bulb in the sky, then maybe this retrograde crap is for real.
This is not in response to your post. Rather, it is in response to the responses of your post.
Also, being bored can totally suckit. When I get bored, I move along. Just walk the fuck away from whatever/whoever is boring me if possible. If walking away is impossible, I make up stories about their pasts and sex lives in my head and sit/stand there with a ridiculous grin on my face.
People always ask me- why are you smiling?
If you only knew, D-Bag.
Also, sorry I said fuck twice- scratch that. Three times in this response.
Wait. I'm not REALLY sorry. That was just me trying in vain to be sensitive to your readership.
Dang, this retrograde has me all swirly whirly. If there is such a thing, of course.

Stumbling, Falling, Dreaming & Flying said...

My apologies to all, I guess it was rude of me, a stranger, to come on here and share a less than lovely opinion to begin with.

I just googled 'Eat, Prey, Love' - hilarious! Women's self-help, yep-- that's exactly what I am into! That and Dr. Phil (another person I just googled, then realised I knew who he was.. am not a fan! Not even sure if he gets televised here)

Nice name checking of the psychologists too, although not quite sure where you were going with that.

Rassles, again, my apologies. In many ways, I agree with what you say and feel; I just have a different way of approaching it. Boring people don't really come across my radar, and when they do- well I just find it pretty interesting, just wondering what it is that made them so boring, why it is they can't share what they think with as much opinion as, say, your friends on here.

Peace out.

Rassles said...

Ellie: Monopoly ruins my life.

Sid: Shiny, happy people?

Waffles: Eliminate the nonsensical? Never.

Nurse: You as well, Ms. Myra. I don't think you could avoid it if you tried.

Sack: No, because then people start to think I'm mean. And I'm really not mean, honestly, it's just that all these people are so easily offended...

Mongo: Napping from boredom is better than whining.

Boomer: Seriously.

Zen: I don't think you're boring, just so you know. To me, it's not really about adrenaline at all - plenty of boring ass people can be thrill-seekers, and plenty of people who sit around and read all day can be exciting. It's an attitude, an ethos. Unquenchable curiosity.

Gypsy: You get bored? I don't believe it.

Stumbling: Ha.

Me: You are one interesting little bugger.

Blues: So are you.

Meems: I will not delete your comment, because it's funny.

Ambiblob: Planetary retrograde? Sounds like a load of crap to me. Is this astronomical or astrological? Oh, wikipedia, you will be the answer to my prayers.

Stumbling: I took no offense to your comment, so apologies not accepted. In fact, I was totally relieved that someone pointed out that I was being annoying. It's a good way to slap yourself out of it.

renalfailure said...

Some days I feel shinier than others.

NobblySan said...

Interesting stuff Rassles...

So, if boring can be interesting, where the fuck does that leave us?

Oh, and Ellie..... no-one, but no-one, should ever have to play Monotony. That smug twat with the top hat and all the hotels should be tied in a sack and thrown in a river.