Thursday, August 20, 2009


What is the most important thing in life? Easy. Survival. To live, you must survive. The most important thing in death Because the most important thing in the universe is the circle.

But that doesn't mean the circle is the most important thing in life, because the circle is life contained. Life is a subset of circles.

After that, things get murky. What's the important factor in survival? I really don't know. Love, health. Money? No, money is farther down. Take money and backtrack - money, currency, barter, trade, want, not necessity - no, necessity is survival. Is "want" survival? No, it's not, want is a luxury. Want is a subset of love.

God? Definitely no. God relies on faith. Faith, then? Perhaps. Faith in something is important in life, because faith includes belief in absolutely anything (including things like baseball teams and gravity) but faith is based on curiosity about the universe (which is the circle) and curiosity is based on desire, which is based on want, and again, want is a luxury. So we're back at the beginning again, or right in the middle or possibly nearly at the end, which is how circles work anyway so I know I'm right.

Health is necessary to survive in life. If you're unhealthy, you will die. Simple. Granted, thar be grayness in between, as with everything (circles, again). Reducing things to black and white makes things simpler, but not better.

But love, I mean, that's almost necessary to be healthy. I don't mean romance or lust or family or friendship, because love really has nothing to do with anything but personal motivation. Love is the emotion we attribute to all motivation - that's what it is. If there's nothing we love, we have no motivation to survive. Without the motivation to survive, everything deteriorates. Like our health. Love is necessary for action.

And don't you go throwing babies born with heart problems at me and stuff, like I said, thar be grayness in between, and we already know I don't have faith in right and wrong.

Freedom, maybe? Freedom is incredibly important: for those who aren't fatalists, freedom is your philosophy. But then, philosophy is faith - wait! Faith is affirming the truth, and truth implies trust, which is motivated by...okay, want. And we're back in the circle again.

So, what have we learned today? I need to start loving some more, because at this rate, everything makes me bored, and that leads to complacency, and that leads to inaction, and then I'm going to fucking die, and I'm not ready for that part of the circle yet.

I think I should make a chart. I need a really big chalkboard or something.



~Mountain Lover~ said...

Oh Rassles, I want to give you an anti-valentine all over again.

I think we as humans get malcontent, antsy, depressed, and just plain pissy if we don't do what we love- whether it's building, lawyering, doctoring, playing football- whatever.

I think the object-centered culture removes us from what we love and separates us from our true nature and expression.

Rassles said...

You know what I love? Loving stuff. I love loving stuff. I haven't found a new thing to love in awhile, other than eating strawberries and honeydew at the same time. But that wasn't a new thing to love, more like a rediscovering.

No - you know what I love? Discovering things.

Anonymous said...

taking a reverse look, sort of...

What is it, that if it disappeared from my life, would make me want to die?

i struggle with this. wrapping my head around the complexity. fighting to sort out that one true thing that is central to my very being. but i cannot narrow it down further.

Chocolate and Dick....

Sid said...

Yes I flow chart really would have assisted me in to understand what the hell you were attempting to say =)

Kitty said...

You're thinking too much. You need a drink.

nursemyra said...

I second what Kitty said

Kono said...

i didn't love anything for a long time, well except maybe my own narcissitic ass and was oblivoulsy happy except when i was philosophizing on the existential state of the universe which was often, philosophy is dope smoke in a dusty room, then of course i loved something else, watched it fall apart and got to experience the beautiful pain of loss, now of course you could make a circle out of that, i thought i loved cocaine and cigarettes but that was just lust, then i got a cat and and i fell in love and much later i had a kid and finally figured out just what the fuck love is, i disagree with Mt. Lover, love is not something you do, you may really enjoy doing something but don't really love it like you do other sentient beings, part of love is (circle again) reciprical, like Pooh love just is and really it's that simple and ridiculously complex at the same time, not that i really know what i'm talking about cuz i'm just a big, hairy monkey who roams the earth devouring pharmacutical drugs and sunsets, that said and i don't want to sound like a gigantic pansy and i'm don't think you need offspring to experience it, it just happened to work for me but the only thing i couldn't live without is Kid A and Kid B... and my cat Louie cuz he's super cool but i know one day with any luck i'll have to bury him... and air, i don't think i could survie without air and food and water, the rest is superfluous, accumulating shit until the dirt nap. basically i love life and a few of the things in my life, about 98% of the shit in my life i could do without but that fucking 2% is why i get out of bed.

Mia Watts said...

In writing we arrange our plots into trios. Goal, Motivation, and Conflict.

For your love circle:
Goal: Rass wants to love something (you'll have to be specific because fuck if I know what you want to love)

Motivation: Rass wants to love something because if she doesn't her (or her aspect of faith, aspect of right/wrong, aspect of joy or creative thinking) will die.

Conflict: Rass wants to love something but X stands in the way. And according to the circle theory, it could be the bend of another circle getting in the way... like the circle of self-doubt or the circle of worth.

Which makes you are a subplot too. Look how complicated you are.

MoLinder said...

here's a thoughtsicle for you - i just read an article titled: "Werewolves: The New Vampires?". apparently there are movies and shows in the works about werewolves. they're the next big thing. maybe you should start writing the teen wolf remake already.

Le Meems said...


I have found that going out on a limb, to love, sometimes gets me hurt.


See May, June and July of 2008 of my blog. Facking hell. Lailani had to physically resucsitate me.

But prior to May, June and July .... the love for the world, humankind, family, things, the universe was so FUCKING unreal.

It was the best.

Now I just try and love in moderation. Infuse some of that magictastic-ness into people whom I know will stick around and not run away when I smother them.
with love.


Del-V said...

Nice work! This is why I LOVE reading your blog.

Sarah said...

You made my head hurt.

renalfailure said...

And all this without the help of alcohol either...

Or you can go the Conan the Barbarian route with what is most important in life: "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

Hedon said...


I thought the most important thing in life was a wide-open freeway and a great audio book on the iPod. Now I'm going to have to rethink everything. Thanks... thanks a lot!

wolf said...

From a comment you left on my blog: "I’ve never even tried to find writing jobs, because I’m terrified to find out I’m unwanted or not good enough."

Bullshit. Just send anybody to read this post. They'll either offer you a writing job on the spot or make you pee in a cup.

Luckily, one is not exclusive of the other.

Moist Rub said...

The most important thing in life is death, for without it, life if pointless.

I love death.

Chris said...

Lick, savor, turn, repeat. And go outside. Someplace greeen.

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Blogger, Love thy self.
I love ME more than anything. This keeps me motivated to stay healthy. To have faith in my ventures so that I will make money.
I fall in love every five minutes.

It's insane, maybe. But if I love something or someone with a great intensity, I will share my feelings with them immediately.

Like a boy I met recently- I professed my love for him after knowing him for 2 days. TWO days. And I said I love you to him. But what I didn't expand on was that I only loved him in the moment.

If you get used to the feeling of falling in love- even if it isn't the lasting sort of love- it will be easier for you to build the lasting kind as well.

Nikki B. said...

you lost me at "life is a subset of circles."

i suck at geometry...

A Free Man said...

A flow chart. Or Venn diagrams. I love Venn diagrams. And I think 'freedom' is overrated. It's an advertising concept - the whole American dream thing. The freedom to buy big gas guzzling cars and assault weapons and then to go bankrupt because you got a dodgy mortgage or your insurance won't pay for you cancer treatment. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, innit?

Rassles said...

Mount: I agree to an extent, but I don't really view work as life, despite how many hours I put into it. Work is what I do so I can live and love outside of it.

Daisy: Nailed it.

Sid: I don't make sense sometimes, I know.

Kitty: Fucking tell me about it.

Nurse: I'm working on it.

Kono: I agree that love is reciprocal, but really that's just one kind of love, isn't it? I've never been in love. I can't imagine limiting it to relationships. Also, "devouring pharmaceutical drugs and sunsets" is awesome.

Mia: Well you just simplified things big time. I have all this jumbly business, and you just lay it out all logic-like.

MoL: Of course there are. It's the fucking Year Of Teen Wolf. I fucking told you guys it was going to happen.

Meems: That's because you feel everything with the intensity of a thousand stars, love.


Sarah: I wrote this when I had a big fat headache, so I guess I got the point across.

RF: Power. How very Nietzsche.

Hedon: Now see, that's love.

Wolf: Well thank god for that.

Moist: I most certainly do not love death, but then again, I did say that the most important part of death is life, so obviously we agree.

Chris: I do love green places.

Tabbie: I agree completely, that you have to be willing to love to do it at all. That's what I meant up there, even though I wasn't talking about romance at all...

Nikki: Don't worry about it. Just ignore. Really not important anyway. Just trying to get rid of the headache.

Freeman: By freedom, I meant more free will, chance, and consequence as opposed to destiny. I agree that people should make choices for the benefit of the whole, but I don't believe people should have to make those choices. Because as liberal I am with my own choices and actions, I'm a philosophical capitalist to the core.

Rassles said...


American in Sydney said...

I love loving stuff too, and I'm getting a puppy. Get a puppy.

Gypsy said...

"Conan! What is best in life?"
"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

I'm sorry. I had to. It's one of my favorite quotes, ever.

Anyway, loves is the answer, and you know that for sure.

Le Meems said...

I have something for you to fall in love with.
Call me.
I be tellin ya more.
Also, I'm coming to Chicago in April for a Sip Snap Savor trip down the Mississippi.
Can I eat and photograph with your fams?

Blues said...

you just made the most gigantic venn diagram in my head and I'm lovin every minute of it.

I'm so fucking glad I'm back and reading your blog. if you really stay away from blogging for awhile, will you at least email me your venn diagram thoughtsicles?