Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'll Let You Be In My Dreams If I Can Be In Yours

Le Meems Wait. So is cunningulus In or Out?

Rassles I believe it is most definitely In. Very In.

Rassles Also In: dirty old pumas, van-surfing, treehouses, and conversations about the In-ness of things.

Rassles Out: water sandals, ghost riding, intentional irony, beer pong

Rassles OHHHHHH you know what else we should bring In? Full names. Digital Video Disc player.

Le Meems IN: Lil Kim, Movie Projectors, Short Fingernails, Riding the Schoolbus, Orange, Perms
OUT: Foxy Brown, VCR, Acrylics, Razor Scooters, Ligers, Flat Irons

Rassles Dude. Permanent Wave.

Rassles So I wanted to publish this on my interweb log, and I forgot to change names, posted accidentally, deleted immediately, and now I fear stalkers.

Le Meems Pooooooost Itttttttt! It's funny.

Rassles IN: cookies
OUT: things that are not cookies

Rassles Goddammit all right



Mimi Cake said...

IN: Rassles, Le Meems & boys who're GOOD at cunningulus.

OUT: p.e., tickets, boys who're bad at it

Rassles said...

IN: Motorcyles, ridiculousness, rope bridges, sticking it to the man, tugboats, fountain pop

OUT: Build-a-bear, nose jobs, "permit only" anything, aquafina, boys who don't like dogs, five-lane-highways

Anonymous said...

IN: Extracting blog posts from facebook streams.

OUT: stalkers who keep things in their reader files so they can track people down on facebook when they accidently post shit with real names.

oh, and fucking water sandals are NEVER out. NEVER. (please?)

Diary of Why said...

So THAT'S your name. Never would have guessed. Let the stalking commence!

Logical Libby said...

I would just like to go on record that I liked Ligers BEFORE they were cool.

Anonymous said...

wearing backwards or out?

Nikki B. said...

IN: cunningulus...and i hope that for the rest of time, it's always in....for, if it's not, then i am out!

OUT: not knowing how to fucking spell cunningulus! is that really how it's spelled?

Sid said...

Ligers? Water sandals???

And how does the Diary of Why know your name?

Chamuca said...

I totally figured out what your real name is before this. I just figured, "Bitch is posting this shit outright, so I'm-a gonna stalk her ass." BOO YAH.

I hope my drunken comment postings amuse you while you are at work.

Del-V said...

In: Cool old trains, BBQ, The Black Keys, Re-runs of "The Wire"

Out: Seafood at Taco Bell, snow, homeless people with cellphones, Pittsburgh fans.

Love Bites said...

In: Zombies.

Out: People who weren't riding the zombie wave before now.

Rassles said...

Daisy: Did we not already establish that sticking it to the man is IN? If you want water sandals to be in, you just say, "Fuck you Rassles, water sandals are totally IN and your bullshit footwear is OUT." (Stipulation: this requires accepting that I am The Man and In Charge Of Everything.)

Rachel: You sneaky, sneaky sonofabitch.

Libby: I worked at an ex-menagerie-turned-public-zoo that HAD a liger. NOW WHO'S HIP, BITCH?

OG: This (a) depends on the hat, and (b) depends on the confidence of the person in said hat.

Nikki: dude, if you google it there are like seventeen acceptable spellings of cunnilingus (which is how I would spell it)

Sid: Are you questioning the validity of my assessment or the terms themselves?

Chamuca: Oh yeah? Well...shut up, then.

Del-V: Okay, trains? BBQ? You are awesome at this. BBQ is so fucking IN right now. Seriously.

LB: I am the wrong person to talk zombies with, because I do not support zombies. I support SURVIVAL.

Mimi Cake said...

In: Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in your underwear at night to feel the ferocity of the mothafuckn wind.

Out: bitches who close the bridge at sundown. bitches who committed suicide on the bridge and ruined everything. pants.