Friday, January 14, 2011

Luckery and Astrology

In the midst of all the excitement of being thirty years old I've been researching my "novel," and by "novel" I mean "newest unreachable goal." Technically I reached my last two unreachable goals, so that's awesome, and I got them by juuuust half a foot or so, and now I have new ones to make even though I'm pretty sure those were the first goals I've ever reached in my life and I may never reach another. No, I will reach another goal, because that falls under my goals for this year.

Whatever, so I read every book on my shelves and I win at year 29. I make Age Resolutions.

For a decade I was one of those people who would hoard used books with the intention of intending to read them eventually, but I can't even pretend I always had the intention in the first place. Some books I just picked up because I heard someone once say it was good, some I picked up because hipsters referenced them and I wanted to sneer at their pretentiousness, those shifty little fuckers, and some I picked up because they were Classics that Everyone Should Read. Most of them just sat around on my bookshelves, always the neglected topic of conversation.

Last year I read all of them.

This year I have a two new goals in mind:

(1) From now on I will be Lucky.

I spent 29 years believing I was unlucky. Rossi Curse and all. Because, oh, my family has a curse. Haven't I mentioned it?

Unto each Rossi generation there will be an Unluckiest.

It's not an official curse, it's just a fun little game that my bastard Poppy invented to explain why he won at everything and his brother Joe always lost, and the tradition carried down to my dad, John The Unluckiest, and now to me: Rassles The Unluckiest.

It's been accepted throughout the extended family that I am The Unluckiest, and I'm used to being berated for it. Of course you got robbed, you're Unlucky. Of course you're not married, you're Unlucky. Of course you deliver pizzas, you're Unlucky. Of course your job is a dead end, you're Unlucky. Of course you got pulled over on a day-old expired driver's license, you're Unlucky.

Of course comparatively worldwide, I'm extraordinarily lucky. And I actually consider myself lucky to be unwed because marriage is a sham.

So fuck it. I didn't get along with Poppy anyway. I refuse to be The Unluckiest Rossi, and I refuse to believe that my refusal of unluckiness will result in that unluckiness being passed on to another family member with an overabundance of luck to restore the balance of luckery. I've decided that instead, my unluckiness will pass on to some dickweed I don't like who's been lucky his/her entire life. Because fuck that guy.

So what I'm saying is this: I decide to be lucky, because luck and its adversary do not need capitalization because they are in the mind and not decided by someone who isn't me, and now I'm not a Capricorn anymore. I fucking win. Being a Capricorn sucked. Honestly, if I identified with those horoscopic descriptions in the slightest I probably would have grown up to be a fucking gastronomical astrological nightmare, like how I am with the animal test. Do I whip out this shit at parties? Yes, I do. It's a huge annoyance until someone takes the test and flips at its accuracy, and I'm like "bitch I told you" and they're all "yeah you did" and I'm all "fuckin worldshaker and heartbreaker" and then I point to myself with my thumb while they awkwardly laugh and slyly curse my always-right-edness and innate ability to fucking work it.

Then again, I don't think an astrologer named Kunkle should be trusted at all. Kunkle sounds like a Harry Potter character. Plus, astrology is fucking stupid and rooted in absolutely nothing logical. And all you believers shout, "Stars!" and I say, "No, you fools! It's about interpreting the symbolic nature of the position of celestial bodies. Fantasy."

Now that we're clear on my position, and now that we all know I am a Sagittarius (I still don't really identify with any of it, it just sounds more pleasant than a rigid, organized, ambitiously serious Capricorn), I think it's time to move on.

(2) I have a list of about sixteen books to research and master. For the "novel." Which I am "writing." "Hypothetically."

What books they are you'll never know, not until I'm giving interviews and TED speeches about my genius and someone asks for my greatest influence and I'll say, "Honestly? There are so many, but I've always been partial to Winnie-the-Pooh."



nursemyra said...

I did the animal test and I'm a bat. And the collective noun is a cauldron of bats. wanna join my cauldron Rassles?

renalfailure said...

When you finish the draft of your novel that you feel comfortable letting other people read, find people who are fast readers because it took over three months for one of the four friends I gave my manuscript to to finish it.

Also, every one is the same sign they were before. The switch only applies to eastern astrology that uses the stars, not western astrology that uses the planets.

Anonymous said...

you read your way through the bookshelf? damn, girl! i bow down to your alter... i can't even clear the stack of five that have been on my nightstand for an entire year!

Jane said...

Yeah, I'm also totally in awe of you making it through the unread books on your shelf. I'm looking at my shelves and counting all of the unreads and thinking, "There's no way I could read all of those in a year."

I've always thought astrology was bunk, but then I've also always deeply, deeply identified with being a Scorpio.

I've also never tried to pretend that anything I do or think makes sense. :)

Kono said...

I'm the opposite, i've read everything on my bookshelf, some of it multiple times and my stack of unreads dwindles quickly and then i have to replenish it, though i do believe it's about time for the Rosy Crucifixion (all 3 books) again. At last count i think i knocked off about 30 new ones roughly last year, i am a book nerd though.

Ellie said...

Winnie was lucky.

nuts4fruits said...

"...marriage is a sham"
and having kids is dumb.

That's my life philosophy, and like you, feel very lucky to be unwed.

American in Sydney said...

You are sooo lucky to be a Sagitarius now!-- dude, we're the best. Clearly they were wrong and thank god they have now corrected all that astrology crap. Yay for you-- your good luck has begun. Bye-bye Capricorn sign, see ya.

Sid said...

I've been researching other novels for ages now. There was one stage where I only read classics. (Can't finish Crime and Punishment OR Lolita). And then there was the "only read African fiction".

This year ... just read what interests you.

formerly fun said...

Rossi you magnificent bastard, you'll do it and you can be lucky because really it's a matter of perception most of the time.

JMH said...

Well, as the Unluckiest, you can at least count on regression to the mean. I suppose. I haven't mathematically tested it.

Comparatively Worldwide should be a reality show featuring celebrities who deserve it. Jim Belishi maybe.

JMH said...

Tough typo, but you know what I mean.

Rygantron said...

"You ever read [insert book title]? It's awesome. You should write a book like that."

-Unhelpful advice that I've gotten on more than one occasion and wish to pass on. See? You're lucky already!