Saturday, January 1, 2011

MoLinder Says

i am so unhappy with rossi right now. she has decided that she is refusing to write this blog and has left it to me to write something amazing and awesome but i think i might fail epically on it. so here it goes: (and i am wasted and her computer is missing the "s" and "g" keys") muther fucker
so here it is -
so i'm in chicago for new year = because i pulled the stupid girl bullshit with some guy who didn't want it, fine. ok. i'm dealing with sucking at life because i pulled the stupid girl shit which i hate. and you all know what i'm talking about. you say something and really mean something else. boo on me right now. by the way i think that lucy mclane has down syndome. does that make me a bad peron? no lo so - that's some italian at you.
anywho i had my tarot cards read tonight and was told that i should go back to being mean. i stopped being mean b/c rossi yelled at me for being a douchebag but honestly, that's who i really am. part of me wants to make people cry and question their existence on earth. AND GODDAMN I HATE THE FACT HER KEYBOARD IS MISSING THE KEYS I MENTIONED EARLIER. FUCKING WHORE. i'm buying her a new computer for her b-day. done with this shit.
oh so back to being mean. rossi and other friends did not like that aspect about me but you know what, i do. i like hating on poeple who are not as smart or as funny as me. this blog makes no sense. i am drunk and watching die hard. by the way fuck you sean for taking my x-mas greeting of FUCKING KEEP IT TOGETHER ROSSI. she is trying to fall asleep right now,. because she is "tired" or some shit. oh so anyway on christmas i texted rossi with "now i have a machine gun. ho. ho ho" and fucking sean just tried to steal my thunder. dick.
so i just went to have a cigarette and it it is fucking cold outside. it was in the 50s earlier and now it's probably in the 30s. love you chicago. thank you for reminding me why i moved back in san diego. fuck this cold weather shit. i love this city but not the weather. it is 6am and there are birds chirping. stupid assholes.
anywho, i'm sure you people want to read something awesome but you get me. i might write something great but i'm drunk and it's not happening. I HATE ROSSI right now. this should have been drunk blog part 2 but its not because she sucks at life. know this blog readers. because she is passed out on the couch.
aight i'm done. i wish i could write better but again-she is passed out and i'n hammered. happy new years! maybe i'll start my own blog but i'm too wasted to form a coherant sentence. yay me


Anonymous said...

go with your strengths. i resolve to getting back to being fat and lazy in 2011. bring on the fucking doritos...

Chris said...

You should totally start a blog, since your computer has all the keys. And posts like this one would almost certainly invoke a response from Rassles. Win-win for the rest of us.

Ellie said...

How are the cats?

renalfailure said...

Rassles owes me a drunk new year's email. Molinder, get on that for me.

Rassles said...

Sweet mother, everyone is so demanding. Don't go to bed. Write a drunk blog. Get me a beer. Email me wasted.

I have feelings, people. Feelings.

formerly fun said...

Kick Rossi for not making you the stroganoff(whatwhat). Happy Happy Ladies.