Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who them girls you be with when you be ridin through?

Day 13, a song that is a guilty pleasure

First things first. I love Ludacris. I don't feel guilty about this at all, so does it count? Let's say yes, because someone is always surprised. I'm really not embarrassed by my love for Luda, but I'm not embarrassed by anything I love so fuck it. He's in a movie, I watch it. He does a song, I get it. Did you know if you go low enough, Ludacris will appear in your mirror? True story. I got lower than I ever really thought I could. Yeah, I practiced in front of that mirror. Just in case.

I have no story, no background, no explanation. Only joy and love.

I wish I could post the "dirty" version. How asinine is life when you can only watch a fucking Luda video with all those words glocked out? Also, I'm about 500% sure Luda and the Beastie Boys have better music videos than basically everyone ever, just for sheer ridiculousness.



Jane said...

Ludacris is fucking phenomenal. No hate or surprise from me, he's rock-awesome.

Although, seeing as how I'm usually an AOR girl through-and-through, people are often shocked at both my love for Ludacris and also my knowledge and appreciation of 90s hip hop.

It's a thing, ya know?

Chris said...

What is the emoticon for "drops microphone, turns and walks away?"

M. said...

dude holy shit this is a totally ok song to love i fucking LOVE Ludacris. Every time he does the little "featuring" part in a song it's like YES. YES.

Except with Justine Bayber. I ignored that ever happened.

When I did this meme (back in tumblr land) my guilty pleasure song thing whatever was Get Low by Lil Jon. Holy fuck do I love dancing to that song.

Kono said...

My knowledge of hip hop stops after the golden age, roughly 1987 or so, when i was like 13 (83-84) i used to listen to this show out of East Cleveland called Clubstyle, it introduced me to Run-DMC's first album, Whodini, Marley Marl, Eric B. and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and LL Cool J before he sucked, then i discovered hardcore at 15 and forgot all about rap. So Luda? i neva knew ya.

Kono said...

on further reflection it may have stopped after Check Your Head by the Beastie's, what year was that?

Rassles said...

Jane, nothing wrong with AOR - I'm generally inclined towards it as well, for sure (FOREIGNER) but I'm really just inclined towards whatever doesn't make me angry.

Chris: I'd just say, 'parallel mike-drop, bitches' and cut it.

Mae! It better be okay to love this song because if it's not okay to love this song than go fuck yourself, right? Right. And you know, I'm pretty much convinced that nearly any song with "Low" in the title is going to be so bombastic and obnoxious (skeetskeetskeet) that I will inevitably love/hate it, because there are no other options, you know?

Kono, Check Your Head was like 92, which is when I officially discovered the Beastie Boys (it was "so whatcha want" that did it for me) (also, I was 11. You're so old). I could understand why that would be an album that represented a death of a musical era, because, I mean, have you listened to "Gratitude"? That song is horrible. Every time I hear it, I'm like "shut up Ad-Rock and let MCA take this one since he sounds like a bass anyway." Okay so sometimes I love it, but that's just because I'm blinded.

Blues said...

I can totally picture you in a club shoving some girl out of a cage to get up there and get your Luda on in style.

This is where Luis and I totally differ when it comes to music, but I fucking love this.