Monday, June 18, 2012

After the Fox

This is Part 6 of the Wir Gehen Nach Deutschland series, which is, apparently, a series now, because I just called it a series, just now, and there are eleven of them, which is bonkers.

We left Dachau thirsty and depressed and in desperate need of ample beers, so luckily we were in the right land for that.  Back in Munich we immediately booked it to the Hofbrauhaus and spent half an hour trying to (a) check in to Facebook, and (b) tell Gyna we were going to be late for dinner.

Checking into Facebook took up about a total of ten hours of our time throughout the whole trip - every arrival into every city was kicked off with a trip into a Starbucks for free wi-fi so we could check into Facebook, because it's not real if it's not on Facebook.  This is something I don't understand, mostly because I don't have internet on my phone.  I'm not anti-check-in or a hater or anything.  I just don't get it.

By the way, if you leave me a comment about how touristy or overhyped the Hofbrauhaus is, you're a jerky elitist and you hate fun for no goddamn reason other than jerkiness and fun-hating elitism.

Poor Gyna waited to meet us for like half an hour, no doubt frazzled and frustrated at our complete disregard for her time.  Sorry, Gyna.

There was wine and dinner, and everyone learned how Katsisch and I hold conversations, which is not so much of a back-and-forth as it is a breakneck foxhunt, and we weave and tangle and plummet and jolt in this excessively verbal, raucous harmony, but we're after the same damn fox.  Philip wore red chinos and we got drunk.

Then there was a bar, and there was beer, and soon we were knee-deep in strange Germans who said wonderful things like, "So, you are the Americans?  Yes, I know.  You have been shouting to the bar.  Yes, Chicago, your sister yelled that.  She is the pretty blonde one?"  Katsisch never learned about vocal resonance or volume, and the more alcohol she had the more obvious this became. 

Eventually all things must end, good and bad, and we went back to Gyna's around two.  Three?  I have no idea, but we had to be up before 6am to catch a flight to Copenhagen.



nursemyra said...

did Philip also wear a t shirt? or just the red chinos?

daisyfae said...

"We left Dachau thirsty and depressed..."

i believe that's how everyone left Dachau...

Rassles said...

Nurse: He wore a shirt, but the big thing was the chinos.

Daisy: OMG, Holocaust jokes.

Chris said...

The wife and I were just talking about how it's impossible to comment on posts or statuses about Europe or Stonehenge or Woodstock without sounding like you're all, "Hey, I went to Europe or Stonehenge or Woodstock too, and before you!"

So anyway, we just got back from England, and it was awesome. We ate and drank exclusively in touristy pubs and spent one whole day riding around on a double-decker tourist bus. Oh, and we went to Stonehenge.

Here In Franklin said...

You went to fucking Starbucks in Germany?

Rassles said...

Hell yeah we did. Free wi-fi. And German coffee is THE WORST. Starbucks isn't the best either, but seriously. German coffee sucks.

Ellie said...

Starbucks wifi in Europe is definitely an attraction.

Dachau is too.

In very different ways, obviously.

wear with chinos said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I love it.

Rassles said...

Dear Chinos,

Thank you. I love you as well.