Monday, September 3, 2012

things that will do what my stuffy nose refuses to goddamn do

the sunrise, old t-shirts, hearts and thoughts, hi-top haircuts, recipe cards and photographs, rites and rituals and songs and scars, blue jeans, trends, memories, flower petals, shadows, stars and shame and thunderstorms, time, evil, intentions, words, phrases, the spine of a book, pain and experience, the smell of a new car (and eventually the brakes), the name of that one guy you met that one time, autumn leaves, hangovers, the light, ambition, vignettes, political approval ratings, moderate dislike, values, magic, celebrity, fear, internet memes, the number of people who have heard of Paul McCartney, sacrilege, cares and worries, reason, beauty and allure, inspiration, tattoos, legends, tradition, mosquito bites, landlines, a blush, a smile, flashing images that live in the corner of your eye and, oh! the swirly shit you see when you slam your eyes closed, black, bitches, BUT NOT MY TERRIBLE COLD.


daisyfae said...

also... my tie-dye neon dive skin, nail polish, pigment in my fucking hairs.

sorry about your cold, but this is kinda like a gameshow.

Rassles said...

It IS kind of like a game a show. I want all commenters to name more things that do what my cold will not do.