Saturday, November 3, 2012

Drunk Blog 2

MOL: You do realize this is 2012.

ME: Hold on.  I have to start typing.

MOL: I can't believe you're typing right now.

ME: Well, this is important, because we are drunk blogging.  GO.

MOL: So where I'm coming form where I'm worried abut the end of civilization.  so when I live in Sienna

ME: Hold on.  I can't keep up.  This is hard.

MOL: When I lived in Sienna we were told - sienna had a worst outbreak of the Black Plague because of postuels and shit...(I lost track) and where is the birth of the REnaissance?  Florence, NOT SIENNA.

ME: this is getting too hard.  I'm just oing to type when I remember sentences.

MOL: Cuz you've got the dwuomo thing and now how I'm viewing how things have gotten things and with mass extinction and now I'm worried athat you're talking to me.  I'm worried taht if I ever get stuck in a anothiner coutnry and there's and mass exinction and I need tot alk to my family and we don't have a pony express how am I going to to call you and say hey Rossi I'm going to fly out and see you and even though you look into the whole zombie apocalypse...

She keeps talking and I keep typing and it's really insightful and historical sounding, but I can't type that fast because I am hammered and reading it doesn't make snse becuase I miss a fuckload of words that are probably important to her insightfulnesws

MOL: What if Ebola strikes Chicago and I'm stuck here and I can't call San Diego and I can't find out about my kitties?  I'm going ot have to cross some mountains and shit, and it will be this Lord of the Rings thing and there wil be bandits...dammit I should have gotten a machete from when I had the this to me...hold on...out of all of that THAT'S WHAT YOU WROTE?  FOR REALS?  OH MY GOD THERE IS SO M"UCH MORE TO THAT YOU ARE THE WORST BLOGGER HANDS DOWN

ME: hold on.  let me finish typing.  (I clap) This is going to be funny!

MOL: AHAHHHH you are annoying me right now.


MOL:  heheheheheheheheha;lkfjad;sfjasd;kfjas;ldfkjas;lfkjas;ldfkjads;kfjads;lfjk;adskfjd;s

ME: It is so much funnier when we are missing important things.  That was the greatest thing about drunk blog.

MOL: read it to me again. It made no sense.

ME: Do you know why we're single?  Because they CAN'T CAPITAL LETTERS HANDLE OUR SHIT.

MOL: you know what? I'm gonna go to bed.  and I'm not gonna brush my teeth, because it's the end of mass civilaztion anyway.

ME: I am so going to typ ethat

MOL: you know what? please don't, because then people are going to think I'm gross.  you know what?  I AM going to brush my teeth.

ME: I'm still typing that.  But we're never gonna recreate the magic of the first time.


(for the record, she brushed her teeth and I'm an asshole)

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daisyfae said...

i usually skip brushing my teeth before bed when i'm drunk. and i ususally regret that when i'm shaving the fur off my tongue the next morning/afternoon when i wake up.