Thursday, December 13, 2012

Join, or Die.

I'm not sure if you were loitering around these parts of the internet the last time I took a trip to Vegas, but it was basically the greatest and you're jealous.

Importantly, the last time I was there I vowed, along with my sister and my cousin, to get a tattoo upon my return

Specifically, we agreed to get these:

"Don't Tread on Me" became the catchphrase that defined our family over the past four years.  Because it's awesome, and we are patriotic as fuck in the Rossi family.

Bear in mind this was in 2008, way back before those Tea Party douchebaggers appropriated the bejeezus out of it and made it racist and homophobic and imperialist and uneducated* and fucking terrible and RUINED FOREVER.

Right after Vegas, MoLinder and I drove Route 66 and I forced her to stop at the Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque just so I could buy anything with the Gadsden Flag, which was much harder than I anticipated because the woman who worked at the gift shop was a silly little ninny-face who had never heard of the Gadsden Flag because she was probably educated by naught but her sister-mother and the Bible and thusly had never heard of the Gadsden Flag(?).  The lady works for the Rattlesnake Museum.  Gee whiz. 

For awhile whenever anyone made any real or ironic threatening gesture towards me or my person, I would shake my fist like a rattler and growl, "Don't tread on me."  It became a thing.  But now there are those fucking Teabaggers running around associated rad things with shitty ones, and we're all having second thoughts on the tattoos.

Now I'm thinking "Join or Die." Same idea, cooler picture.  But no personal associations with it other than a penchant for US history.

So, a poll:  Should we get these tattoos?




Diary of Why said...

I never wanted a tattoo except I thought if I ever did get one I would want it to be a fleur de lis because I like France and it's, you know, pretty. Then everyone I told said people would think I was a Saints fan, and then my French roommate and history buff told me it was the symbol of the French monarchy and people would think I was a Royalist, because apparently there are still people around who are secretly for the King and if I got the tattoo people would think I was one of them. I got mad because can't anything ever just be neutral and devoid of any symbolism except the symbolism I wish it to have? Now I see why girls get butterflies and dolphin tattoos; there's not really any room for misinterpretation there. Now I'm back to no tattoos.

Rassles said...

MiLady DeWinter was branded with a fleur de lis for seducing a priest in Three Musketeers.

MoLinder said...

every time i see the gadsden flag, i think of the rattlesnake museum and you randomly saying "don't tread on me" to the various situations that arose during that road trip. like the flat tire in oklahoma.
it really is a shame the flag has been commandeered by the tea baggers. ignorant fucks.
have fun in vegas. super bummed i'm not going to meet up with you but i slacked on flights and i'm not feeling the 4-5 hour drive.
get a tattoo. don't be a sally.

daisyfae said...

your body, baby! i happen to have a terrible crush on Craig Ferguson, who sports this as a tattoo. i might make you do a little fantasy role play next time i see you!

Ellie said...

I'm a fan of New Hampshire's slogan. It's a little less forceful than yours ... dying only required if you fail to live free ... joining not explicitly required. ;-)

Sid said...

Did you end up getting the tattoo?